Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coke vs Pepsi: The Ultimate Fashion Showdown

Friends, I've been on a real refashioning kick lately.  I finally got the chance to tackle one of my most favorite pieces ever:  Mama Grand's Coca Cola Sweatshirt. 

 No, seriously.  It says Coca-Cola right there.

I absolutely love that it is a mix of cartography and cola, and I've been WAITING for Mama G to say I could have it.  Once it was in my greedy little paws, the ideas began.  Shall I make into a skirt? A hoodie?  When I told Mama G of all my ideas, she gasped.  Obviously she was not a fan of my completely refashioning her shirt.  I decided to stick with it as a sweatshirt but with some alterations.  Both parties were pleased with this idea.

And then this dude walked in.  (No, seriously.  It says Pepsi.  He's owned this for at least twenty years.)

I was all like HELL NO.  We are not going to the grocery all matchy matchy. I am Queen Supreme, zero calories and refreshing flavor.  Rob was all, my sweater is more awesomesauce and I am not clear anymore so that makes me better. " I am Coke Zero." " I am Pepsi One."

(Wasn't the clear stuff nasty?  I mean, really...what was Pepsi thinking?)

Eventually I won, with my new fabulous gathered sleeves and taken-in sides. (No, Rob, I will not gather your sleeves.)  And by winning I mean I didn't have to carry the bag with the milk AND the orange juice.  It's the little things, really.

Friends, please help settle this matter once and for all with your comments! Whoever loses has to make dinner this weekend, so please help this recipe challenged girl out and say that Coke totally beats Pepsi, hands down :)

XOXOXO Have a great night, all!


  1. Listen here, New Coke, Pepsi is the word, is the word that you heard. It's got groove it's got meaning. Pepsi is the time, is the place is the motion. Pepsi is the way we are feeling.

    1. You are a big liar face. I am not making you dinner. My friends will rally to my side!

  2. oh no... i have to be the second vote for pepsi...


    but i love the pepsi.

    (wc: lamaneds. it's a mixture of lamentation and meds. mine will be in the form of wine.)

  3. Regular Coke BEATS Regular Pepsi. No contest.

  4. PePsi, pepsi, pepsi, P-E-P-S-I!!!!!

  5. Coke is the One True God.

    No. Seriously.

    Fine. It's really really really really REALLY good. And Pepsi pretty much sucks. So, y'know, close enough to holiness.

    Word verification: "vintinca" This is an Elixir of Coke created by Saint Colicus in 592 AD when he accidentally stuck his finger in a glass of regular wine. It's believed to have the power to cure all illnesses and people come from all over the world to see the mystic Glass Bottle that still resides in a small monastery in... uh... I don't know, let's say Ireland.

    Possibly I have a caffeine withdrawal headache and don't know what I'm talking about.

  6. Oh, also that is one TOTALLY ROCKIN' sweatshirt.

  7. UGH! Clearly Coke. Always Coke. Every variety of Coke beats its Pepsi counterpart.

    (I would not be doing my job as a New Englander if I didn't say something about Moxie Cola here, though obviously it is irrelevant to the faceoff)

  8. I'll gladly help you out and cast my vote for Coke! I always felt like Pepsi was too sweet. Also, your sweatshirt print is way cooler. And Coke uses adorable polar bears to advertise. You just can't beat the cute furry factor.

  9. It goes without saying: Coca Cola!!!

  10. ehheheh Coca cola gets my vote too.. I'm not bias LOL

  11. The Coke shirt rulez, but I like Pepsi better. Actually, I like VitaCola better. We have to stick up for regional brands, right? ;)

    (WV is for Coluxua. New brand of luxury Coke with gold flitters? ;)

  12. Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi. But then, I am a North Carolina girl. Married an Atlanta boy, so I have felt the pain of your "mixed marriage" every day for nearly 30 years. Doesn't change the fact that Pepsi Cola is better than Coca Cola.

  13. ...coke

    This post cracked me up! I love it.

    And you're right, there's something about the mix of coke and cartography....

  14. Hello! I found you through What's Up Cupcakes post :) I love all your sewing creations!

    I vote for Coke!

  15. i know i'm late, but......coke for ever and ever!! (actually coke zero for me!) and i will totally represent by posting my vintage (and voluminous!) coke hoodie if necessary!