Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, my darlings!  Here are the links I am loving this week:

I want one of these, every morning, to greet me when I get to my cube at work.

Zoe is getting married!  This is all very exciting, especially since she is planning on making her dress!

I am over the moon for this refashion - where can I find a suit of my own??

I'm thinking about doing a craft for Valentine's Day (gasp!) - and since I've started embroidering, this might be the way to go...

These fabulous pieces of letterhead made my day (found via DudeCraft)

This chair re-upholster will need to be replicated in the Tardis Bedroom - somehow! 

The lovely Charlotte's fabulous guide on how to do your hair when you plan on wearing a smart little hat.

This needs to be tacked up inside my cube.  Theatre majors can be awesome employees - go team!

I have so much ribbon that my drawers are exploding.  I might need to make some great V-Day Potluck party favors (because we're hosting a V-Day Potluck at our place for anyone who knows they need to celebrate the holiday but secretly wishes it didn't exist).  Found via CraftGossip

Oh, Princess Bride Wine, where have you been all of my adult life?

My lovely friend, Juliet, shared this quirky and fun llama fabric with me - I think I might need some llama pillows for my couch (because that is completely appropriate).

I think I need some more lovely hair things, and I have a hard time resisting these DIY Pearl Hair Combs (found via Craftzine)

In my mind, I cannot figure out how Casey's lovely top works, but I'm willing to grab some scrap fabric and give it a try! 

Friends, have a fabulous weekend!  I'm currently plugging away at several projects on my sewing desk, including some things for Sew Grateful week - what do you have planned???


  1. Gah! I loved this post! I clicked on every link and almost peed myself laughing at the Princess Bride wine! Awesome!!!

    Thank you for cheering up my Friday!

  2. I think (think) I figured out casey's top -- take a rectangle (long and kinda skinny) and sew the short ends to each other (but only about half-way), as though making a cylinder. (This is the up and down part of the T if you look at the seams on her back) Then, pinch the top of the cylinder together and sew about two thirds of it closed (but the middle two thirds -- which means you have about a 6th of the total length open on either side.) That is the horizontal portion of the T. At this point it kinds looks like you just pull it around you, although I've got to say that part is boggling my mind a little. I think I will try it out too.

    1. got it! the part that looks like an open V seems to become the waist, and the front just gets tucked in (I do love puzzles :) ) Happy Friday to you too!

  3. thanks for the shout-out, meg! it's so nice when other people share my obsessions. makes me feel less lonely and strange :-)