Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello my lovely friends!!  This week's post is compiled of goodies from before and after vacation...

I love this picture with all of my heart.

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Becky's UBER AMAZING chocolate cake recipe needs to be made in my kitchen.

Sally has compiled a compliment cheat sheet.  It's pretty fantastic.

The Randolph Street Market is one of my favorite events in Chicago - I really love browsing the goodies outside during the summer months!

For my next half marathon, I'm going to find something like this to drink afterwards and put my face in it.

Adorable x 1,000

Aliens in vintage postcards

Beangirl made the most fabulous dart rotation chart.  It is stupendous, y'all!

And then she made another one for dart manipulation, so now she is SUPER stupendous!

I love Charlotte's wedding pictures :) It looks like it was such a great time!

I am intrigued by all of the oil cleansing posts I am seeing around the blogosphere lately...

I've only been working on something like this for a bajillion years - I love her version!

And finally ... Tilly's profile of Sarai from Colette Patterns was truly inspiring - I highly recommend checking it out!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!



  1. hey thanks! My wedding day was the best happiest day of my life, I can say this after having four boys as you atumatically love them but it's something else to find your true love!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for including me, truly! I did a double take when I saw my name because I've felt so removed from the sewing community lately because of my move that I was touched to see me mentioned here :) Anyway, I've been reading along on my phone and just wanted to say congrats on the marathon in Disney! Those Ariel pants, now that takes patience. Annnnd I better hit "publish" on this comment before the internet I'm stealing konks out on me. Over and out! I need to sew something this weekend...

  3. I've been collecting tees for the various t-shirt quilts I want to make. I really need to get started on them as those tees are just taking up so much space right now when they'd be more compact in blankie form. And because you can appreciate this, one of the quilts I'm planning on doing is a Cedar Point themed quilt. My only problem with starting that one is I want all of my Screamster tees in it and I think I'm going to do that again this year and probably again next year just to make it an even ten years. Then the Screamster tees will be surrounded by souvenir tees of my favorite coasters.