Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lovely Awards and Some Social Sewing!

My darling Friends, while I was gallivanting in Florida with some Princes, some lovely bloggers gave me some fantastic awards!

The fabulous Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes (with her amazing tea parties and fantastic style) and the lovely Megan of Megan and the (sewing) machine (who has an AWESOME name and an even greater Tulip skirt) both awarded me with a Liebster Blog Award!!! 

Also, the lovely Rachel of House of Pinheiro (whose hair I envy and whose style I ache to copy - this outfit in particular) gave me a Sunshine award


Favorite Color: Orange

 Favorite Animal:  Platypus.  Because it's awesome. 

Favorite Number: 17

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coke zero

Facebook or Twitter: facebook because twitter makes me cry #IthinkIbroketwitter

My Passion: Sewing.  When people ask what I do, I say I work in Human Resources but sewing is my passion.  I think this is a much more accurate answer.
 Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, but I'm terrible at keeping secrets and I make people guess what I've gotten them!  (I don't tell them if they do guess, but I just love the game of it)

Favorite Pattern: Currently, it's the Pendrell - I'm working on my first one and it is a dream come true!
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday.  I really love sleeping in.

Favorite Flower: lilacs - I throw myself at every lilac bush when spring comes around.

Favorite celebrity role model: Dr. Mayim Bialik aka Amy Farrah Fowler aka Blossom.  She is BRILLIANT, funny, and focused on her family.  Even if I don't always agree with her parenting techniques, I admire her for being open-minded, encouraging, and living out her dreams. 

I'd like to pass the lovely Sunshine award on to the following ten lovelies who bring regular doses of sunshine to my life:

Liz, over at Zilredloh, not only knits beautiful things, but she makes fantastic outfits and then braves the cold to model them!  She is my hero for braving the weather we have here for photos!

Miss Mary, of Idle Fancy, regularly makes gorgeous dresses, and this Liberty Tana Lawn dress is just stunning,

Donna, of Nid de Tissus, whose mad embroidery skills and fabulous sweaters make me drool with envy :)

Lee, of The Slow Steady, is rocking through the Sew Weekly challenges, and this pair of Clovers is one of my favorites on the Internet.

Cation Designs, because seriously, she makes dresses like this and I just cannot get enough!!  Her regular posts of awesomeness fuel my creative juices and encourage lots of project planning.  

Devra, over at Puu's Door of Time, writes posts about Downton Abbey fashion that make me giggle like a little girl who is about to get the best ice cream sandwich in the world.  She also has a killer sense of humor :)

One of my favorite things about Christine from What's Up Cupcake? is that she lists the things she's been watching during each project.  I love/know most of her movie choices!  And I love her dresses and recipes, but I'm sure you knew that already :) 

Becky is my hometown sunshine and regular sewing meet up buddy.  I heart her face immensely, and her food and dresses almost as much :)

Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes is brilliant.  She embraces patterned fabric and rocks out some fabulous vintage styles.  I want her hair.  And the shoes to match.

And I couldn't forget Beangirl... with her great taste in music, and the fact that she is funny as all get out, and she even helps out the entire sewing (and Pinterest) community when she draws awesomeness with her pen. Epicness all around :)

Ladies, answer the questions if you like, and then pass along the award to ten bloggers who bring sunshine into your life!!! 

Since we've been home from our mad dash down South, I hosted the second installment of Chicago Social Sewing, and this time we conquered hems!  Specifically, the blind stitch and the catch stitch.  

Becky made these cupcakes (WITH FONDANT BUTTONS) and kindly put the recipe up here.

My friend, Mina, was once again on hand to take pictures of the event, including her now complete sampler:

 My class was ready and willing to tackle hems, and by the end of the event, they were hemming like champs!

 The common consensus was "That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."  I love hearing this. 

It was also really great for me to see all the areas of my life come together in one room: people who I've known since infancy, Meisner acting class colleagues, work colleagues, friends from college, and running buddies.  It was the whole gambit, and they all came together for one purpose: to learn.

We also went over hooks and eyes, because those might come in handy someday.

And since I'm totally "in the zone" when I'm teaching, I did not notice Becky Ninjaface running around and getting everyone to sign a thank you card for me, or THIS AMAZING PRESENT:

 Dalek alarm clock for the Tardis Bedroom.  I totally teared up.  

I just love all my sewing friends, in Chicago and beyond :) 

Have a fantastic day, all! 


  1. OK, that is a seriously fantabulous present. And your class sounds (and looks) like a blast.

    (I like, also, how you seemed to think people might question- and in fact you yourself might question- why you included me in your list of ten. Um. But thanks! Plus now I have a bunch of people's blogs to look at that I didn't know before. Yay! No wait. More time spent surfing blogs.... Oh dear.)

    1. I was KIDDING, you big ol' goofball.

      (although secretly I hate you because you have an awesome Dalek alarm clock. OMG! Does it say "exterminat! exterminate!" when the alarm goes off?? Does it?? Huh??

      er. Talk about too much coffee.

    2. Heh... does it does it?? :) That alarm clock rocks.

  2. Awww thanks for giving me a bloggo award! That's super sweet of you.

    I love seeing you and all your buddies sewing together, in real time. :) I wish I knew more people who sewed besides my mom. heh

    1. If it makes you feel better, even my mom doesn't sew. I know not one single solitary "real" person who sews... or knows what a seam ripper is (which is bad, since if then I could maybe con them into ripping out all my bad seams... of which there are, sadly, too many).

    2. I have a love/hate relationship with my seam ripper. Sounds like you do too. heh

  3. meg, YOU are the sunshine. thank you for your sweet words!


  4. Wow, that alarm clock is amazing! I think I need some more friends like yours :) And the sewing classes are a great idea, I'm glad they both went so well for you!

  5. That is totally rad alarm clock! Oops, I just channeled fourth grade - but it is! Very cool present and very cool class. I just learned how to hem like that a month or two ago and I definitely need to practice. And thank you so much for including me in the Sunshine Award!!

  6. SO Wish I was in Chicago!!! What a lovely day and fabby present!!