Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Quest for the Perfect Shoe: Red

Friends, for many months now I have been searching for the perfect shoe.  I want something comfortable, colorful, and either T-strap or Mary Jane in style.  Price is negotiable, depending on the quality.  Once I started my quest for such a shoe, I realized that THERE ARE SO MANY COLORS.  I just could not decide, and so I've put together four posts of my favorites. 

To begin, here are the red bits of fancy that I have longed for...

Patent leather is positively delicious, don't you think?

These might be a little too high for a klutz like me, but I love the color.

The Tsubo Acrea Mary Jane heels, with a delicious little cut out in the back...

OH!  I need a cherry print dress if I get these.  And a hat.  And some short gloves.  And a picnic basket.  

I need an entire photo spread if I get these shoes.

These are like River Song's heels, which means they should be mine.  It's only logical.

Schuh Unzue Panel T-bar Low Heels

The t-strap is more of a y-strap while keeping the general vintage shape.  I approve.

 Fidji Bakura G265 Mary Jane

Love love love the chunky wood heel.

 Chelsea Crew Malibu T-Strap

I'm a big fan of round toe shoes with chunky heels - I find that I am most comfortable in styles like this.

Chelsea Crew Alexa Cut-Out T-Strap Sandal

 The cut-outs!  The t-strap!  The color!


Schuh Clara Peep Bow Bar Polka Dot Low Heels 

I love polka dots, and I love red.  The perfect combo.

4" Heel T-Strap Pump Red Sequins. 

If Wonder Woman was taking ballroom dance, these would be her shoes FOR SURE.

 Ok, friends!  Did any pop out at you in particular?  Don't fancy red too much?  Stayed tuned for tomorrow and the Yellow/Orange episode of My Quest for the Perfect Shoe.  If you have a favorite pair of shoes that have a vintage flair, let me know in the comments!  I'm interested to see what we all have in our closets :)

Have a fabulous evening, all!


  1. Oooo how your pretty shoes taunt me! I can't wear a single one of these as I have size 4 feet! My selection mainly consists of black, black, and black. Rarely can I find a pair of cute heels, but I have to pay dearly for them.

    I still appreciate a cute pair of heels and these all really fun! My favs are the B&W polkadot pair, the The Gabrielle Rocha Athens Mary Jane in Burgundy or the Fidji Bakura G265 Mary Jane.

  2. OMG, you nailed it. That IS Wonder Woman's ballroom dancing shoe!!

    1. I KNOW! If I had any drawing skill at all, I would totally include a picture of what her "Dancing with the Superheroes" costume looks like in my head!

  3. Lovely picks! I had been drooling over that first pair for ages, and then decided on a different style at the last minute. Maybe I do need two pairs of red shoes.... I think has the first pair for a few dollars cheaper than Zappos. I have been drooling over some Seychelles, but can't justify the price yet. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  4. Oh drat, my comment just got deleted. I love all your ideas, because we apparently have the exact same taste in shoes--round toe + chunky heel + Mary Jane strap = love. I do adore polka dots but I am suspicious of the comfort level of those--I can vouch for Tsubos being comfy. The red Mary Janes with chunky heels I wear most are my Camper Kim heels, though I think they are hard to buy in red these days: (scroll down below the orange shoes at the top of this post) ... I can walk for miles in them.

  5. Do you get Hush Puppies over the pond? If you do I highly recommend them for comfort, I got some red MJ's on sale last year and they are the comfyist shoes EVER! No pics of them though, maybe one day. Anywho do a google search for Hush Puppies Freya, I think they are rather lush, although I do prefer the blue ones over the red ones at the moment.

  6. The Nico t-straps gave me heart palpitations!! I have a pair of Chelsea Crews quite similar to the Malibu t-strap, and they're crazy comfortable (and I'm not very good in heels)!

  7. Oh, heavens! How I adore red shoes and I'm looking for a pair of red heels, too. My faves for you are the Chelsea Crew Malibu T-Strap. Fabulous!

  8. I love red shoes, too, and I wouldn't say no to any of these choices. BTW, I have that Tsubo style, only in brown and I love them!

  9. I've been looking for red heels recently too! I really like some of those Chelsea Crew t-straps, but then I discovered that I need WW ballroom dancing shoes.

  10. I totally love red shoes and own sevral pairs! The Wizard of Oz had a big effect on me. x x x

  11. Some gorgeous shoes! I've been needing a yellow pair of heels for years!

    This is my favorite red shoe. I love it so much, I bought them in the other three colors as well. The heel shape gives in a vintage vibe, and I never fail to get compliments when I wear these! Best of all, they are SO comfortable. And I'm talking walking around NYC for hours comfortable.

  12. Oh wow, most of those look great! I'm in love with the Chelsea Crew Nico T-straps!

    I found a perfect pair of red shoes last summer in Vienna. Red leather, Mary-Jane straps, scalloped edge - and on sale for 30€. Yay!

    1. What a deal! Your shoes sound positively divine! Have I seen them on your blog before? I must search through and find these pieces of wonder...