Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hellllooooo, new Butterick patterns....

Friends, the new Butterick Summer/Fall collection is out.  There are a few that I'm in love with, but please let me know your thoughts below!

I love this simple knit dress.  I think I have a similar pattern already in my stash, but yes - something simple like this, in grey, with colorful tights and some boots.  And a scarf.  WAIT.  Am I really planning an outfit for Autumn and Summer isn't even here yet?!

*sobs quietly, needs sunshine*


 I do love knit dresses though, and I know that this one would be perfect for the office.  Knit dresses with long sleeves are fabulous for office air conditioning systems. And all those bodice options? Love. I realize this could be made by taking a simple knit dress pattern and adding two long strips to the side seams.  I totally get that.  I would've never realized it, however, had it not been for this pattern. 

 I've always been a big fan of wrap dresses, but this wrap tunic is really stealing my heart. It would be amazing in yellow, I think. I love the crisp, clean lines, especially paired with jeans.

 And finally...

OK. Do not buy this pattern for the bolero.  Don't.  Because the same pattern is here on BurdaStyle for FREE.   And how is this the Making History pattern of the collection, anyway?  Where are the lovely vintage dresses that we've grown to love so much?

I did buy a Butterick pattern a few months ago that I think you might like if you are into vintage styled dresses.  It's in the out of print section, but once they have another sale, snatch it up.  The bodice and sleeve shapes are very retro to me, especially paired with that bow on the neckline. It's not sold as a vintage pattern, but I'm using it as such.


Friends, any favorites of yours from the collection?  I know I won't be buying any more patterns in the foreseeable future.  I decided I want to be out of debt before I'm 30, so there needs to be some cutting back and making do with what I have on hand.  Oy, grown up goals and student loans - you kill me sometimes.

Have a great night all!!


  1. Ugh, being grownup is no fun at all sometimes! But that's a noble goal-- I'm rapidly approaching 30 myself and would love to be debt-free by then! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love the top knit dress myself, would love it even more w the waist dropped a smidge. In a nice dark charcoal grey to liven up w bright accessories. I dont do wraps myself but the 2nd one looks fun to play w if I did. Cheers to debtlessness by 30, well, except for that pesky mortgage :)

  3. That's interesting that the last pattern is not marketed as 'retro' - it looks like it to me! I'm a sucker for knit dresses w/ long sleeves - and yet - I've yet to make one! I'm scared. I'm going to start with a Renfrew first...but I still need to buy the pattern. I'm a little like you, making due w/ what I have for the moment. :)

  4. LOVEEEEE that last one!!! Please make it! :)