Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MMM: Day 1 and 2 ... and the shower curtain raincoat!

Me Made May Day 1
 A whole lot of things you've never seen before (because they are new! YAY!), and I added my sassy face for good measure:

Top: Sewaholic's Renfrew Pattern; made with acrylic sweater material from's discount section
Skirt: Refashioned from a pair of Mama Grand's shorts
Sassy Face: inherited from Mama Grand
Work Badge: Necessary so I can go to work so I can make money so I can buy fabric/patterns
Flats: Payless a long time ago. THEY ARE SUPER SPARKLY.

Oh!  But how can I go out in this weather????

Easy peezy lemon squeazy, y'all.


Using McCall's 6517 (view A), and my old shower curtain that I stole from my parents' guest bathroom, I made a jacket. I am seriously in love with it.  

I made this Monday, April 30 because I knew I was going to need protection from the outside elements this month. I have worn it both days so far, so I'm thinking it was a really smart project.  I was up until midnight working on it, so it is lacking buttons/buttonholes, but I'm very pleased that I can at least tie it closed!

I lined the jacket with flannel (it did not call for a lining, but I would recommend one). I used the wrong side of the flannel - the other side has a black plaid on it, but I really liked the solid blue and wanted it to be shown instead.

The hood is amazing.  I can wear my hair in the biggest bun possible and it covers it.  It is a hood fit for a Jedi.

A close up of the hood stitching.  I used yellow thread for some fun contrast.  

Me Made May Day 2:
 Oh, it must be another work day.  Here are some more work clothes - whoopee!

Top: Colette Patterns Sencha blouse; made with weird cotton plaid that has metallic gold threads running through it.
Skirt: Simplicity Amazing Fit 2475 - I made this skirt last year and I wear it all the time. 
Shoes: Payless.  Totally practical (read: boring)

This is my Human Resources face.

This is the face I make at my coworkers when they walk past my cube.  

The back buttons - I only had these five black buttons in my stash.  How is that possible???  Are the rest of the buttons on vacay??

I was feeling a little crazy after work today so I thought I would attempt a refashion before an evening engagement.

This dress has been passed along from person to person in my family, and it didn't seem that anyone wanted it. It also didn't help that it had a huge beverage stain on the lower part of the skirt.

Close up of the lace overlay.  How could I resist?

I chopped off the skirt portion and made sleeves out of the excess fabric (I used the Sorbetto sleeve found here).  This refashion took one hour and I LOVE IT.

Top: White dress refashion
Bottoms: Burda 8488 - love these pants like whoa.

This is one of my favorite refashions this year - it's comfortable and can be dressed up or down. 

So far so good!  Here's to the next 29 days of Me Made!  

(Loving all of the MMM '12 posts popping up on my Reader - this is all too much fun!)


  1. I am so, so, so impressed that you made a raincoat out of a shower curtain! That is just sheer brilliance. My shower curtain had better run for cover, because I'm going to start sharpening my knife and staring at it menacingly...

  2. Good call! I really love the lace top!

  3. A rain coat has long been on my list! Your is fab!! I totally love the lace top combo, you look amazing.

  4. That raincoat! Fabulous!! I love that you made it out of a shower curtain. :-) Brilliant.

  5. That's an awesome refashion - way to save it! I like your HR face vs. your co-worker face. :) And I *love* all of your MMM outfits so far!

  6. Haha, the faces you pull. Your zest for life really comes through... :)
    All of your items are awesome too. My personal favourite is that cosy looking Renfrew!

  7. What a great start to MMM'12. I particularly love Day 2's Mad Men!

  8. Gosh you've been busy!I love your photos, and what an amazing view you have too.

  9. Love these outfits! Great refashion, great new raincoat, girl... you're just plain great!

  10. oh my god you are ROCKING IT and making me laugh uncontrollably the entire time!!!

  11. Great outfits! I love the lace top refashion. And yay for the raincoat!