Sunday, May 6, 2012

MMM Day 3-6 and Sew Weekly Pink Challenge! And Chicago Social Sewing!

Friends, this was an incredible week!  So much happened, and so many new friends were made.  It was all very very exciting!

MMM Day 3:
Work clothes. Most of the clothes I sew need to be made with work in mind, unfortunately.  Sometimes that is okay, sometimes it's tough to know that I am sewing for someone else's idea of appropriate.  

Dress: Simplicity 2549.  I stitch the overlap closed because I was tired of having to safety pin it closed for modesty purposes.  I don't know why it took me so long to do because I love it so much more now!  Pardon the frazzled, wrinkled look - I sit most of the day at work.  This is why I don't have nice things.

When I get home from work, I want to change clothes almost immediately.  

Shorts:  Simplicity 2659

These shorts may not make it until summer as the fabric is crazy fragile and starting to split apart in awkward places.  I like the pattern though, so I may return to it to make a better pair.

MMM Day 4:

We have jeans day in the office on Fridays, which means I could wear the only denim I've made:

 Top: Colette Jasmine
Sweater: Pullover refashion
Skirt: Colette Meringue

Whenever it is foggy out in Chicago, chances are that our apartment is in the clouds.  We often deal with a white out and I expect every evening to turn into that crazy grocery store scene from Stephen King's The Mist.  (If you haven't seen it, OMG DON'T).

I was feeling a little crazy anyway because I had just spent three hours working on my year-end self assessment for work.  Brain = mush.  Do you have to review your performance at work?  Is it not the most draining thing ever?

 This weekend has been about recovering from work ... and hosting Chicago Social Sewing!

MMM Day 5:

This is my outfit for the Sew Weekly Pink Challenge.  So. Comfy.  I wore it for the first time while hosting this month's session of Chicago Social Sewing.  We were making lavender sachets by learning the backstitch and using this tutorial. They came out beautifully!

 I realized that I outlined my sachet steps using the same fabric that I was wearing.  Tres matchy matchy.

Rob was trying to sneak in for a candid shot, so I gave him one. Haley was right there with me. 

 My fabulous friends were all so focused!  They all did so well and conquered the running stitch, the whipstitch, and the backstitch in no time. I was very proud.

 The group in all of their magnificence...

do you recognize anyone in these photos??


 Friends, I cannot express to you how awesome Liz is in person!!   She is a total delight, and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  I pretty much tackled her when she walked in the door because I was so so excited to meet her!  She is even cooler than I imagined :)  She also passed on a STUNNING Butterick pattern for me to trace, and she even gave me some horsehair braid to use in one of my future skirted creations!  I've already started tracing the pattern, so plan on seeing that soon thank you, Liz, for coming over and hanging out!  

MMM Day 6:

This morning, Rob got to experience the wonder that is the Textile Discount Outlet firsthand.  He was very eager to leave once we got inside.  I cannot imagine why only took us half an hour to find a separating zipper that was the color of my next project and was the right length.

Bottoms: McCalls 3935

Sorry for the weird picture.  I got distracted because Braveheart was on TV.  I LOVE that movie. 

I got an invite via email to meet a lovely neighbor of mine who is interested in sewing.  I love talking about sewing, as you know, but right before I left, it began pouring buckets.  I changed into a dress so it would be covered under my raincoat (which is 100% waterproof, btw).  Jennifer was lovely, and I'm hoping we can be flea market buddies in the future!

We're off to eat some fantastic Mexican food on the north side and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with our friend, Charles.

Ciao, my darlings, enjoy the last bit of the weekend!!


  1. Loooove all of these! Gorgeous!

  2. Again, totally wish I was in Chicago so I could go to your sewing parties. They look like so much fun! And I love that you love Braveheart. One of my all-time favorite movies. Love your MMM outfits - I need to get off my toosh and assemble my photos. Maybe I'll just read some more blog posts instead...

  3. Your awesome posts makes me wish that we lived closer to each other! I would love, love to come chez vous and make cool things. I get totally distracted by Braveheart, too. *sigh* Love your outfits!!

  4. Meg! Since you rock and you are one of my fave bloggers and sewists, I am passing along the Liebster Award. The info is on my blog, rules and all. Hope you had a great weekend my dear. Keep being awesome! Hearts, Bethany

  5. I always love and enjoy your photos so much. Also, the homemade clothes!

  6. LOVE the pillowcase shirt! Any chance of a tutorial? :) Wish I lived near you, so we could sew together!!!

  7. Dude, you have so much goodness in this post!! You've been a sewing machine!! The all blue outfit and cardi is my favorite look. Or maybe it's the pink blouse. I love your meet-up photos! Every time I see you smile I remember what your laugh sounds like and I smile, too ;o)

  8. Your me-made wardrobe is so darn amazing, and there's still so much more to come!