Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMM: Day 7-12

Friends, it's been an uber exhausting week.

MMM Day 7:

AVENGERS UNITE!  But first, I had to go to work...

 Sweater: refashioned sweater from one of Rob's old ones.  His sweater had 8 holes in it, so I tore it apart and completely reconstructed it. 

I was looking a little rough around the edges because I had just rushed home to get ready for...

The Avengers!

 Sweater: refashioned sweater

I was needing a bit of bright color so I threw this dress on - it definitely did the trick, and I was feeling fresh and clean before we headed to the theater.

MMM Day 8:

Something told me I needed to walk to work this morning...

I found our statue of Marilyn across from the Wrigley Building in pieces. Ah,'ll be missed by all the people who didn't have a chance to look up your dress and take awkward pictures.

This is how I deal with a stressful day at work:

Shirt: Grey sweater Renfrew

MMM Day 9

To cheer me up from another stressful day at work, Rob made me a cocktail with Han Solo coffee ice cubes:

This cocktail helped me to relax a bit, as did the most comfortable dress in the world:

Since this dress is made from bedsheets, it's quite possibly the best thing to wear to work- except it makes me sleepy.  I definitely took another nap after this picture was taken.

MMM Day 10

The White Meg Overbite Dance Move Sweeps the Nation:

It's a big arm kind of day, y'all!

MMM Day 11:

Ah, casual Fridays, I love you so much

 Sweater: refashioned pullover sweater
Skirt: Denim Colette Meringue

This was one of the most exhausting weeks of work that I can remember.  All I wanted to do was get home and sleep and last night, I slept ten glorious hours.  It was epic.

MMM Day 12:

Going out tonight!

Sleep hungover face.  

Shirt: Vogue 5542

I am headed out with my friends tonight to see a college friend in a musical. Despite what the look on my face says, I am very excited!  I love seeing my friends performing their hearts out - it makes me so proud.

I haven't done much sewing this week. It seems that whenever I sit down at my machine, I get overwhelmed and feel completely burnt out. I am hoping to be back to normal tomorrow because I would love to finish the Mother challenge for Sew Weekly, as well as my most awesome Minoru jacket that I've been plugging away at over the past few days.

Have a great weekend, my friends, and if you are feeling burnt out, have a margarita on me :)


  1. Fab outfits Meg! Will lift a margarita in your honour! Hope this week will be better for you.

  2. Super cute! I love them all, but your day 9 dress is so cute! Love!

  3. Great outfits! I love the fabric from your Colette's Cinnamon dress, and I'm wondering how I missed that Simplicity pattern, it looks so comfortable. I might have to search for that one.

  4. Hi Meg from another Meg! Love the sewing joie de vivre you've got going here; keep it up!

  5. Great outfits as always, but ooh what a fantastic colour cinnamon dress! I love it. Your New Look 6000 dress is lovely too.

  6. Han Solo ICE CUBES!!?? That is one of the greatest things I have ever seen! Where on earth did you find those ice cube trays? Ebay? Some fabulous Star Wars supply store??? I must know!

    Your outfits are great as always :)

  7. I love seeing your outfits every day! That bed sheet wrap dress looks sooo comfy and I love Day 12's going out outfit!

  8. You can get the ice cube trays over at We love them.