Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Ode to Antique Stores

Oh, antique stores - I wish I could quit you!! Your dusty bins of wondrous patterns that you've stashed away in forgotten corners are calling to me... these patterns from an antique store in Missouri ... all were between $1 and $1.50.  YES, PLEASE!

My favorite of this bunch?  The caftan.  I have been eying that pattern on ebay/Etsy for months now, and now it is mine!  Mwahahaha!  

Seriously - how could I resist the sailor top?  It would go perfectly with my sailor pants.  And the Simplicity pattern with the various back cut outs?  Divine!

Hats!!!  And a weird Western couture outfit ... along with the most divine square neckline dress ever.

There was also fabric (which I didn't need, but how could I resist??)

This fabric is a very loose linen weave - I have no idea how it could be used, but holy cannoli, it's amazing.  There is probably 2 1/2 - 3 yards to work with - any suggestions?  

On the left is a fantastic brocade remnant that cost $3.  This is definitely going to be a pencil skirt with a high waist - no question about it.  On the right is a fabulous poly double knit piece of wonder that would be just perfect for a mini dress! 

The most patriotic houndstooth ever.  I'm thinking a pair of pants, though I might be swayed to a sheath dress.  On the right, a very large and heavy denim curtain.  Curtain shmurtain - this is part of an upcoming Sew Weekly challenge :)

Mister. Monopoly. Fabric.  

This past weekend, we trucked down to Ohio to visit my family and Mama Grand took me to the antique mall there....yes, antique mall.  It was positively epic.

I found sewing books (including two by Claire Shaeffer) and a darning egg!  That was an exciting moment.  Rob couldn't understand why I had picked up a maraca. 

I bought more patterns, of course.  These were not as cheap as the first batch, but still very reasonable.  Mama Grand was awed by my bloodhound instincts of sniffing out the dark corners where these lurked.  I was hoping for a fun apron pattern, and I totally lucked out!  Heart pockets on everything from now on.

Lots of mail order patterns!  I managed to come home with several skirt patterns so you may be seeing a lot of my pasty legs this summer.

I love this Marian Martin pattern - I almost crowed when i picked it up!  The vintage slip will definitely be made, probably before the month is out - I don't have a single slip that fits extremely well and I would like to change that fact.

These were the crowning glory of the whole day.  Stacks and stacks of Needlecraft from 1916 and 1919 and in very good condition!  Now I have a reason to brush up on my needlework!

How about you, my friends?  Do you sniff out patterns and sewing goodies in antique and thrift stores?  How do you convince yourself not to buy everything you find??

Let me know your tips for walking away, because I think I may need them soon :)


  1. Amazing finds!!! I love that apron pattern! Too cute! :]

  2. You scored!!! Where do you shop? I want to go :)

  3. Ohhh Emmmm Geeee! You better put a lock on your stash this Saturday... I may not be able to help my hot little hands from these beauties. *Okay seriously though... I would never steal* But these are amazing.

    Can we pleeeease have a pattern tracing party?! I was really liking the ones at the top of the post, but I was smitten by the two last patterns, the skirt with those pokets would help me continue my love of all things nautical and the Marian-Martin gathered dress is just perfect. :)

    Congrats on the mega finds!

  4. Wow, good score! Who could resist that sailor top?!?

  5. OMFG.

    seriously. I'm speechless. That's all I can say.

    1. oops. I swear a lot. I sometimes forget to not swear on other people's blogs. sorry!

  6. GAh!!! What an amazing haul!!! I'm glad you didn't walk away from anything you found - everything is awesome! I really love the Simplicity bathing suit pattern, the Marian Martin wrap skirts, and those awesome capri/coulottes pattern beside the slip. Fantastic!

    The awesome 20's-style linen fabric needs to be a sundress. How cute, no? Mr. Monopoly would be such a great blouse - very tongue in cheek, no? I think a Sencha would be so fun to use for that!

    I am so jealous of your fantastic finds! I must make a date with you in the future when I eventually get to Chicago.

  7. I spotted 4 patterns from your haul that I have in my collection! And, those hats. Can we just go ahead and bring hats back, please?

    Nosy question...what part of Ohio are you from? I'm an Ohio turned Chicago girl myself.

  8. LOL I have that caftan pattern and I could have given it to you! Exciting finds, esp the monopoly fabric and the roaring 20s ones. I am sure you will make awesome things from them!

  9. OMG!!! What awesome finds...I can't believe it! I have the Simplicity cut-out back dress pattern too...keep meaning to make it...soon!

  10. Im so envy you right now.. what amazing finds. Here in the Uk not many good patterns on thrifty, not at least where i live.

  11. I think this wins an award for best thrift store haul ever! Can't wait to see what you do with these!

  12. UNCLE. MONEYBAGS. I don't even know what to say. These are all amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I totally search out and find the craft/sewing areas in all thrift/antique stores. Just today I went to my local thirft store and went home with 30 vintage patterns. All 1.00 each. After seeing your haul, I will need to take some pics and get them on my blog.
    Great score.

  14. Brilliant finds! I love that there is a whole book about pockets. Could you make one of your twirly skirts with that wonderful dancing fabric?

  15. Oh wow Meg - that is a seriously great haul! I love the simplicity and mccalls dress patterns from the bottom row in your first photo of the antiques haul. And the books! I've had the Claire Schaffer one on my Amazon wishlist for ages.
    I don't have any tips for walking away - if I see cheap patterns I BUY, though I try hard to make sure they are near my size or have some kind of interesting feature about them that makes it more likely I will actually make them.

  16. I made the caftan when the pattern was first published (I was a young teenager, blush blush). IT IS AWESOME. Awesome awesome awesome. And, that middle pattern in the Marion Martin group, the black skirt, is also freakishly awesome. It has only one seam, up the back.

  17. I love a good find but this is totally amazing. Lucky girl!

  18. i have the mccall's 9028 cape pattern and LOVE it, but that marian martin 9068 (bottom right) looks just like katniss's dress from the reaping scene in the hunger games. absolutely gorgeous!!! fantastic sleuthing!!

  19. I have that caftan pattern too. My Mom made it many many versions of it. I wonder if I still have some photos... hmmm.

  20. that haul is EPIC. i am so jealous and cannot wait to see what you decide to make!