Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Have a Temper OR How I Almost Came to Fisticuffs Over a Sewing Machine

Friends, there is a confession I must make:  I have a temper.  I get frustrated on a regular basis, and angry occasionally, but every once in awhile, I lose my mind with rage.  It's pretty epic.

Today I got so mad I told a woman that I hoped she died a horrible death. 

You're probably thinking, "JAYZUS.  This has nothing to do with sewing."

Except it has everything to do with sewing, because it involves the most beautiful machine I've ever laid my eyes on:

This morning, Mama and Papa Grand, Rob, and I all went to an antique fair.  It's a great time (usually), and I especially love seeing the people who are trying to sell broken Toy Singers for $200.  Ummm ... not so much.

 We are walking around and nearly done with the fair when Rob and I stumble across this being used as a display in a man's booth.  My heart drops - it's an instant case of LUST. I convince myself we have no room, not even for the price of $39.  Yes, $39. 

Eventually, both Mama and Papa Grand come over, they are trying to convince me to get it, I say we have no room, and Rob talks the guy down to $25.  Boom. Rob hands over money, kisses my cheek, and we both agree that this 1935 sewing machine will be a stunning display in the window of the sewing studio I'm hoping to open in +5 years.

Unless of course we can get the electric extensions working and then I will be using this immediately.

 Now, you may be wondering how this goes from such a glorious moment to one of complete horror.  In the 30 seconds (that's not an exaggeration) between Rob handing the money to the guy and us standing there, basking in the beauty of this machine, a woman comes up and wiggles into our little circle.  She asks how much the machine is, we say it's been sold - we've just bought it. She then pushes my mother's hand off of the extension and proceeds to try and look under the extension for a price.  She lets go of the extension almost immediately in midair.  The entire machine folds in on itself as the extension SNAPS closed so quickly that the cabinet is now damaged by the machine.

We all stand there in silence and horror as we reopen the machine and the once pristine extension is now marred with divots and scratches..

I nearly cried my eyes out, but I was so stunned that everything had turned so quickly.  The woman defensively says, "I was just looking for a price! She had her hand on it! " We say to her, again, "We JUST bought it."  "We told you it had been sold!"  She just stood there grinning stupidly at us.

The poor vendor said he would give our money back, but we said no, we're taking the machine.  The woman fled.


This is when the rage monster hit and I said, "Rob.  I need to go say something to that woman."  I follow her and wait until she comes out of another booth ... and then it was like the dragon was released.

Me: "I want to thank you for RUINING that machine I had just bought.  YOU RUINED IT." 

Her:  "Well!  HER hand was on it!" (meaning Mama Grand.  Note to people:  NEVER blame Mama Grand for anything.  It will not work in your favor.)

Me: YOU. ARE. A. C---." (Turns and walks away.)

Her:  "You are so rude!  Go to hell!"

Me: (Turns back around. Gets back in her face.  Rob shoves me away) "I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!"

Yep.  And then I walked away again.  If she had admitted that she had done it, if she had apologized, I might not have been so upset. Instead, she chose to blame other people for what she did and damaged something that had just been given to me.

Rob stays with her to try and get her name so he can file a police report/charges in civil court to pay for the damages and repairs.  (Lawyers are sexy, y'all.)  She won't give it, so Rob goes to get the police, who wouldn't take a report and get the woman's name because it's a civil matter.  Once I hear that, I'm doubly glad I said what I did. 

As you can guess from the above story, my new year's resolution of less fighting with strangers went completely out the window.  It didn't have a chance.

After the incident, I went and sat in the car and shook for 20 minutes.  I apologized to Mama and Papa, but they were angry too, so it was okay with them that I lost my mind temporarily.  I also apologized to Rob, who kissed me and said he still loved me.  I'm lucky to have him, folks.

*Interruption: Mama Grand just called on the phone and told me she "almost pulled a Megan."  (I guess that's what we are calling it now?!) She's at the gas station and a woman was closing her gas cap with the same hand that was holding her lit cigarette.*

Friends, I do love this machine.  It's still stunning despite the scratches and damage it sustained today, and once we have a definite place for it, I will open it up and display it always.  I hope that my anger cools a bit so that I don't always think of the woman when I see those scratches, but that's hard to say: I've been known to hold grudges for at least a decade.  I also hope that my tale of sewing machine rage hasn't shocked you too badly as you are the last people I would ever wish to offend - I look at you as my friends, so I hope you'll forgive me for the language included here today.

I'm off to drink some wine and shake off today with a bubble bath.  

Have a fantastic evening all, and we'll resume with our normally scheduled happy Meg tomorrow.



  1. Meg, I can only imagine your frustration with this women. As a lawyer myself, kudos to your man for trying help. Unfortunately, lawyers can't fix everything. Enjoy your wine and bubble bath. Tomorrow is a new day with better things to sewing for the diamond jubilee? Have a great week Meg.

  2. I too would have flipped my shit. On the upside, the machine is okay. You can strip the table and fill the nicks and gouges with putty. I have finished old furniture before and it's like super easy. Especially the old stuff. You rub on some stripper, scoop it off, sand and refinish. You could even just do the top of the open table part and it would take a couple hours tops. Then when it gets all redone you can sew a voodoo doll of that heinous human being and give her a good going over. One should never come between a lady and her sewing bits.

  3. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! darlin' you're much better at holding your temper than i am, cause she might be dead and i *might* be in jail if i were in your position. it was SOLD! you don't go looking for a price if it's SOLD! WTF???

    i definitely agree with always alice above, you can fill the dents and strip and restain the cabinet easy peasy :)

  4. Wow, first off I can also understand your frustration with the woman. I don't get how some people can be so pushy and rude and then refuse to acknowledge their classless behaviour. Sorry to read that a wonderful gift from Rob was interrupted that way. Enjoy your beautiful sewing machine and forget about rude woman.

  5. As a friend, I love you all the more for standing your ground. You do what the rest of us only wish we had the stones to say/do. Plus, you dropped a c-bomb appropriately. While I'm sorry that your treasure was marred, I salute you.

  6. Yeah, assholes happen and sometimes they need to be told off. Happily, it wasn't irreparably damaged, and as other have said, furniture can be restored. Just keep wandering around being awesome.

  7. Wow, I feel angry at her even just reading that! Hopefully you can get the extension restored and make the dings a bit less obvious to you... but seriously, how rude can you get??

  8. Oh! I think I would have had the same reaction. What a b$#@h!
    It's still a beautiful machine - just a tad more antique looking...
    And the vendor deserves some good kudos for offering your money back even though the damage had nothing to do with him.
    Just remember, karma is a b$#@h and it will track her down!

  9. You're right, the woman was acting like a major see-you-next-Tuesday!! It's so frustrating when people don't take responsibility for their actions; for sure, if she had JUST apologized that would've taken the sting out of it. It's still a beautiful, beautiful machine and you two have a beautiful future together. :) I hope the wine and the bubble bath do the trick!

  10. I think I would have resorted to physical violence rather than just shouting. There's always one at an antiques fair I find...must breed them special somewhere just to come out then.

    Don't worry about it, it can be fixed and like a few others have said, she'll get what's coming to her.

  11. Gosh what a tale. I hope that you mend the lovely table, and I too would have bee so terribly cross. I hope your feeling better today.

  12. Megan, you have the gumption I wish I had! There are so many times I want to tell off a nasty person but am too afraid. The sewing machine is amazing even with the scratches. They make pencils you can get at a hardware store for different colored wood. you rub it on and then wipe it with your hand and it does a marvelous job for little dents and scuffs. Good luck!

  13. Redheads with a temper? SAY IT ISN'T SO. Despite everything she is probably pretty shaken up inside. I once kicked in the taillight of a woman's car after she pulled out of a parking spot and almost hit the buggy with my son in it.

  14. RIDICULOUS. Ugh! Some people! I would have flipped out completely! But, like some of these other sweet commenters have mentioned, it's not too hard to fix the scratches if you're so inclined. I'm really sorry that this happened, though. And you're right-- part of being an adult means that you own up to mistakes you've made and freakin' APOLOGIZE. UGH!

  15. Oh, Meg-ikins, I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope that you will be able to let go of your anger -- it will hurt you far more than it will hurt that silly, ignorant woman. Sadly, she probably still has no idea what she did that so enraged you. Glad you had loving persons around you after the storm.

  16. Gasp! I'm so sorry dearie... I don't know why some people are such jerks!!!

    Even though you lost your temper, I'm glad you gave the B**** a stern yelling at. heh Karma will come.

    Your machine and stand still look quite lovely and even for $25 I think it was a good purchase. I know your Rob is probably handy... but I do know how to do wood refinishing. :)

  17. just when i think i COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE.

    i was also going to suggest refinishing that wood... TO A NICE CRAZY ORANGE TONE. now tell me, who else on earth would have an antique cabinet like that? you can use oil based paint, you rub it into the wood and seal it with verathane.... but it sounds like zildredloh has you covered...

  18. Oh wow, props to you. People who act like asses only get away with it because most people are afraid to call them out on it, but YOU did! Yay to Meg!

  19. OMG, I would have flipped my lid too! Girl, I don't blame you! Especially if she had even put a hand on my mother to 'move her' away from your purchased item. I would have put my fist in her face! At least you had the chance to tell her what you thought of her. Yeah karma will get them eventually but I hate when someone wrongs you like that and they don't get called out. They should be - and you can only hope that at some point she'll learn her lesson and stop being an a$$.

  20. I fucking HATE people. This just solidifies why I end up making that statement at least 3 times a day. Unacceptable. I'd have had your back, man. Once at Stitches Midwest last year, I had my hand on a hank of hand dyed yarn and was pulling it toward me to buy it and a woman came up and grabbed the other end to try and take it away from me. My MIL kicked her and I grabbed the yarn. What is wrong with people? I LURVE that you called her a c*nt. Go you!

  21. Next time I see you, remind me to tell you the story of the person who shoved my BABY out of the way during an Estate Sale. And then told me I shouldn't have brought kids along, like it was a bar fight of something.

  22. Oh wow Meg. That is an amazing story, and I'm afraid I might have acted similarly, as I, too, have a temper. But my sig-o isn't a lawyer to back me up :) I'm so sorry that this crazy woman's actions had to spoil your enjoyment of Rob's gift. Hopefully once the memory fades a little you can love it thoroughly! It's a beautiful machine.

  23. I think my blood pressure just rose reading that story!!!

  24. Dude, this is APPROPRIATE RAGE!!! I hate, hate, HATE rude people!! And I hate them even more when they can't admit that they're wrong. YAY for sexy lawyer beaus and parents who get your rage!!

  25. I don't know why but your story just made my day! I am a firm believer in fairness and courtesy and I dub thee Lady Meg of the Grand, a knight for all such battles!
    (I'm in book 4 of Game of Thrones)

    Way to go girl!

  26. Hooray, Meg! I'm sorry you broke your resolution but, some things just need to be said! That's a beautiful machine and a positively horrible woman! I'm certain that I would not have been able to refrain myself either. I do hope you can work the scratches out soon so you can forget about her and just enjoy your lovely present.

  27. My love, there was no need to apologize. We both had the same goal, it's just that our methods differ. While you exploded at her in one white hot moment, my vengeance would have come by making her uncomfortable and anxious about this instance of complete cuntery over a period of many months at significant monetary cost to her. You know me, I can be a bit sociopathic in defense of those I love.

  28. OK, a) you are my hero and b) two words: french polishing.

    You'll never even know it was there. although frankly, that's a pretty awesome story of fierceness and you might want to remember it's there later. er. in a few months. when you're, uh, calmer. Like, an excellent story for Mr. A. Cook to tell the children: "I remember this time your mom went POSTAL on a woman for these scratches right here on this table..."

    ALSO, why was that a civil matter? Because she damaged property less than $25 worth?? I'm curious. I would have thought damage of property was a crime, but apparently not?

  29. Holy crap, that was brilliant. This was the first post of yours that I've read, but it most certainly will not be the last!
    Kudos to you for being bold enough to a) confront that stupid woman, and b) share the tale with random people on the internet. Seriously awesome.