Thursday, July 5, 2012

30:60 Project 2: Bow Clutches

Friends, I have made bow clutches for several of my friends (using this amazing tutorial via Elm Street Life), but I've never made one for myself...
so I overcompensated and made two for myself.  Yay scrapbusting!

In the true spirit of Independence Day, I made a red, white, and blue denim version:

 The lining fabric will be making another appearance on the blog soon - it's going to be epic and a bit frightening.

I also made one with a bit more color on the outside, and some rocking cloud fabric on the inside:

I've been hanging onto this scrap of plaid FOREVER.  I'm extremely excited that I've managed to fill a gap in my small handbag/purse collection and used a favorite scrap. 

Since making these bags, I've had several "requests" from more friends for their own clutches.  These would make great birthday presents, I think!

I managed to make these during a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon (don't judge me - I've never seen it before and am totally hooked). Most of my scrap projects are being completed with some Joss Whedon dialogue in the background, so the time is just flying by :)

I would definitely recommend this project if you have larger scrap pieces, but I bet patchwork clutches would be completely adorable, too!



  1. I love those clutches - great fabric! Can I just say that your matching scissors are awesome too :)

  2. You've never seen Buffy before?!?!?!? Eek!!!! Glad you're making up for lost time with it now. :-)

  3. I recently saw this and added it to my to-make list. It's so freaking cute. I love that plaid one you made.

    I own Buffy and have been trying to rewatch it for ages. I loved it in high school. Glad you're not missing out on the slayer.


    There is nothing judgeworthy about watching Buffy; it is pretty much the best possible idea. It is also pretty much my go-to sewing-marathon show (I've seen all of it so many times, I can wander in and out of the TV room at will/space out to focus on a seam/etc etc). Though recently I've been Dr. Who overdosing instead...

    (POINT BEING keep watching Buffy, you are making an excellent decision. Also, I like yer purses)

  5. So cute! These would be totally great gifts! I've never seen Buffy, either. :)

  6. I am loving your scrap projects! So tell me, where do you get all of your zippers? I think you mentioned buying them on Etsy before... I just feel like I always buy zippers for a specific project and would love a stash for occasions like this. Oh, and many of my outfits have been made while watching Buffy. Be proud of your Buffy watching!

  7. I want to make a clutch like that! So cute!

    And I LOVE Buffy. Once when I was getting tattooed I brought in some Buddy dvds and got to watch them. The time flew by!

  8. These are so cute! I see myself making a few as gifts. And crafting with Buffy rocks - except during naked Spike scenes. Then it's all eyes on the screen!

  9. These are adorable! Haha buffy is great!! Are you going to watch Angel too, once you get that far in to the show?