Friday, July 6, 2012

30:60 Project 3: Sunglasses Case

Friends, I really love my sunglasses, but they tend to get pretty beat up in my purse or when I am wearing them on my head (I run into things a lot - perhaps I was a bull in a past life?).  In order to help combat the lens scratches that will inevitably happen, I decided a perfect scrapbusting project would be to make my own sunglasses case:

I had these two pieces of red polka dot cotton, cut out two pieces of knit fabric to line the inside, made a casing, threw in some elastic and voila!  A sunglasses case.  I love that the polka dot sunglasses go so well with my fabric :)

And yes, the sunglasses totally say "Minne Mouse" on the side.  I bought them in Disney when my other pair broke as we walked into the park.  These are currently my favorite sunglasses because they have so much character!

All snug inside, safe from the fight club inside my purse.

Friends, do you make your own sunglasses cases?  Or are you like me and tend to throw caution to the wind with roaming sunglasses?


  1. I just lost my pair of sunglasses! I have my old pair, but they are so beat-up that I can barely see through them. I love your Minnie's!!

  2. "I run into things a lot - perhaps I was a bull in a past life?"

    i love you.

  3. Hahaha oh dear I think I will join the Bull-in-a-Past-Life club! My husband is always concerned that people will think he's abusive or something because I've got so many random bruises and scratches, but really, I'm just exceedingly clumsy/unaware of corners in my surroundings...

    I am loving this series of yours! I want to make all of these projects, but my scrap pile is sitting at home. I'm afraid that by the time I get back, I won't feel like making anything anymore :\