Saturday, July 7, 2012

30:60 Project 4: Denim Bowl

Friends, my sewing table has been a bit of a mess lately with all the things I keep piling on it.  I decided I would prefer to have everything in one place, instead of having several containers cluttering up my table.  Because I have not been throwing away any pieces of denim from old pairs of jeans, I decided it was time to try and make something out of that pile.

Organization + denim pieces = the round basket tutorial at Spoonful of Sugar

Gathering denim is quite the pain, take it from me!  I used old bed sheet scraps for the inside and some bird fabric for the binding.  I have enough bird fabric scraps left for a pincushion, and I do love being matchy-matchy :) Overall, it took about 1 1/2 hours to make - no time at all, really!  Just finished the third season of Buffy while making it - based on all of your comments, I am really looking forward to the rest of the seasons! 

Friends, how do you organize your sewing table? Let me know in the comments!


  1. My sewing table (which is actually my dining table) is NOT very organized, especially while I'm sewing, but I try to stay neat after-the-fact by storing tools in some tin cans I wrapped in my own fabric scraps. The cans hold scissors, fabric pens, seam rippers, etc. In my sewing cabinet I organize notions in small mason jars. But honestly, the majority of the time my things just float around on the floor and it's like a war zone in here.

  2. "Organize"... what does this word mean? Heeheeheee... I have piles of crap EVERYWHERE. I do have a lovely notions basket thingy that stands on four legs, so I can tuck small notions inside there, but I basically have a separate pile for each project that's in the works stacked on a card table in my living room.

  3. It's so cute! I love mason jars for organizing. I use the short fat little 1/2 pint jars for buttons and miscellaneous little bits, and bigger ones for bias tape and zippers and stuff. Despite the attempt at organization though, my sewing room usually looks like a tornado hit it.

  4. For the small stuff I have a huge painted wooden tray with sides which is subdivided into compartments. I found it in an antique shop (v.cheaply!) and it looks handmade, but I don't know what is was used for originally. I sew in the dining room, so if we've got friends round I can just pick it up and take everything upstairs. Followed by the piles of fabric, cutting mat, patterns etc etc...!

    1. And I should also have said (sorry) love your fabric bowl! I shall definitely be making some of those.

  5. I love that! I actually organize all of my sewing stuff in a fishing tackle box! Lots of small slots for everything you'd need.

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  7. Lemme see...I have a travelling sewing box, a sewing box that sits on my desk, a vintage fold-out sewing side table, and the top drawer in my sewing desk. Plus I use a large glass measuring cup as a hold-all that sits on the table next to the couch for the hand-sewing I do at home. I'm massively over-organised! :-P

    For gathering denim, try using corded gathering. Much better for heavy fabric!

  8. This is adorable and inspired me to finally use some old denim I had lying around to make Bike Chain cozies. I'll send you the link once I take pics!