Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30:60 Project 6: The Shrug From Grandma's Pants

Friends, I made a shrug out of my grandmother's pants.  Don't worry - I didn't steal them from her, but she was giving clothes away and Mama Grand tends to save anything that she things I can reuse.  Mama Grand is an enabler and we love her for it.  

While sorting through the bag of goodies, I saw the deep blue/nearly purple color of these pants and I knew that I wanted it in my wardrobe, but not on my lower half. 

 I busted out McCall's 5006 from the stash, and got to cutting. The polyester cut easily, and sewed up like a dream.  Now I have a bold little shrug jacket to wear out and about!

I love it paired with a white top and jeans. I think it will work especially well for Fridays in the office and for those crazy summer nights when a cool breeze comes in off the lake.

I cut the pants in half on the inseam, saving the zippers and buttons for other projects down the road.  I managed to eke out all the pieces from the pant legs, but I wasn't able to cut out the sleeve cuffs on the fold - these were pieced together. 

The outside leg seam can be seen down the back of the jacket.  Instead of cutting on the fold, I cut on the seam - it worked just as well.

How does this qualify as scrapbusting?  The lining is the last bits of a large scrap piece from my Ascot dress - and I think it gives this shrug so much character!

 I'm definitely going to be working on more ways to work this piece into my wardrobe.  I am thinking it would look great with a grey/black/white dress and some large silver jewelry.  There may be some dressing up and dancing in front of the mirror sessions happening in the near future.

The epic puffy sleeves. LOVE.

I love this little jacket so much - I think I may need to go hunting for some more bold color pants!

Friends, have you ever refashioned a pair of pants? What did you make?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Whaaaaaaaaat? Crazy refashion!! So cute!!

  2. Meg, I love your style! The shrug looks great on you!

  3. oh my good everlovin grand god. THE LINING SAYS HOTTIE.

    (i hope this is going in a certain suitcase.)

    1. i'm with oona. not sure which i love more, the bold, crazy jacket color or the lining made of win.


  4. this is genius. I've only ever seen pants turned into the occasional skirt or bag.

  5. I would never guess that these were pants had you not showed us the evidence! Like Allison said, I've only done pants to oh, wand holder, fake Ren Faire pouch, a Hunger Games quiver, and cat necklaces, but never an actual wearable garment! Excellent refashion!

  6. Love it. Love the colour, love the lining, love the big smile. I refashioned a pair of jeans once (in school) into a pencil case. I realised last year that my (Australian) partner had to do this in his school as well. The only difference-he still has his pencil case XD

  7. Wow, I feel like refashioning old polyester pants takes things to a whole new level! Challenge accepted ;)

  8. I love those cute puff sleeves and the lining! Ingenious making a shrug from pants!

  9. You're so clever! I have never thought of doing anything like this. Top refashioning!

  10. Super cute! I love that lining too.

  11. Wow. Just wow. So creative and it came out adorable! I don't think I would have ever thought to make a bolero out of pants (well, now I will!). The side seams makes a natural back seam; it looks like it was meant to be there.

  12. i've refashioned my father's LARGE suit trousers (when the jackets were worn) into my own small bell bottoms in 70's by turning the pattern upside down on his trouser leg. i.e. his leg bottom became my waist. i used the fly zipper as my back zipper and acquired first quality men's wool suiting. the only change i had to make was to piece the crotch point because the trouser leg wouldn't accommodate that part.