Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30:60: Project 8: Nautical Ginger Skirt

Friends, this was originally part of the Red, White, and Blue Sew Weekly Challenge, but I was totally late on my submission for the site, and then I got busy with the cleaning and the packing, so I hope you'll forgive me for just now getting around to posting this.

You're probably saying, "MG. That does NOT look like a scrap.  You are a big liar face."

Ok, so it's not MY scrap, but it was Mama Grand's scrap.  Mama Grand definitely covered a couch with that material and passed it along to Sister Grand #1, who kept that couch until passing it along to Sister Grand #2, who then gave it back to Mama Grand, who covered it in black pleather-ish material (Oh yes, you'll be seeing that soon)... but there were still these blue and white striped pieces from it's first covering.  

 When I saw how large the scrap pieces were, I knew I wanted it to be a fun chevron skirt.  I've had the Colette Ginger skirt pattern in my stash for some time, and it was about time to bust it out and make something fabulous.  I loved the pattern - a breeze to work with, and I love that the pattern piece indicated which way to lay the fabric in order to have beautiful chevrons.  Of course, I only paid so much attention to how I was cutting my pieces... and that definitely led to trouble down the line.

Because I wasn't really thinking ahead to plan my chevron skirt back pieces, I cut the back pieces out completely backwards.  So, no chevrons on the side or back because I hadn't been paying attention.  UGH.  Silly Meg.  I thought a bit and wondered if it would make much difference if I made the center back seam become the side seam, this obtaining my chevron look.

As you can see, it worked out pretty well!  I became a little concerned about the fit though - it feels as though it is pulling tight across my stomach, making my little happy tummy appear A LOT happier than it actually is.  I was sucking my happy tummy in for every single one of these pictures. 

While I love that this skirt turned out beautifully in terms of all the chevrons, I don't know if high-waisted skirts are for me.  The waistband felt a bit bulky, and I think pairing it with this summer sweater tee didn't help the bulk factor.  I think the chevrons drew attention upwards to my waistline a bit, causing me to feel a bit more self conscious about the fit than I might have been otherwise.  I am willing to try this pattern again, though, thanks to all of the lovely encouragement of the fabulous Sew Weekly contributors.  I may try it in a solid color with a waistband facing instead of a waistband.  OR I might use the waistbands and add a full skirt or pencil skirt instead, a la my hero The Dreamstress's suggestion.  I want to emphasize my booty and make my waist look tiny.  I think I may be able to achieve this with a little more work.

Of course, if I wore a darker colored top with this skirt, it might work better as well.  There will be lots of experimenting, both with this pattern and with making this skirt wearable because I LOVE CHEVRONS.  

Friends: high-waisted skirts: love them or hate them?  Or how to style them when you aren't sure where you fall?

Have a fabulous day, all! XOXO


  1. Ohh Meg that skirt is so adorable. I like the direction of the chevrons. it's really you...

    I love high wait. I'm very tall and my legs are endless so I shouldn't wear them much because I'm short waisted but I feel high waist are so slimming.

    I think tight tees works best to balance the shape...

  2. This is so great! It looks so nice on you! I've made two Ginger skirts, and I don't really like them, but I think it may be more to do with the fact that they're high-waisted AND A-line. I think I can do one, but not both together. I might try a high-waisted pencil skirt and see how I like that.

  3. I think maybe that summer sweater isn't the best top for the skirt, but I love the chevrons on you! I am a high-waisted skirt fan myself, but that's because my legs are short and my torso is long.

    My envy for your Mama Grand's upholstery leftovers knows no bounds. You make the best things with them!

  4. Hey, if it's a family scrap then it counts as your scrap ;)

    I'm on the high waisted skirt boat, so to speak - I quite enjoy the waist definition. I definitely do not need hip definition.

  5. I thought I'd like high-waisted skirts, but I've sewn a few of them now, and after wearing them for a while, I've decided I'm more of a dropped-waist kind of girl. The high waists just don't flatter my shape, and they always make me feel like I have a belly that's not actually there. That chevron skirt is adorable, though. I'd probably keep wearing that regardless of my feelings about high-waisted skirts. :)

  6. I still can't decide if high-waisted things are for me or not. In some ways I love them, but in so many ways I find them a bit difficult. Finding the right things to tuck into them, having to have the perfect waistband fit (not good if you lose or gain a little bit around the waist!). Hmmm. So saying though, if I manage to get those things right, I love wearing them. :-)

    PS Love the chevrons! Very cool.

  7. It looks great on you! I love the 'Motor' background :) I'm on the fence re: high-waists. The pencil skirt I made in class isn't really supposed to be high-waisted, but it's still too high for me. I feel squished in it and I feel like it emphasizes my belly - not a good thing. But maybe that's 'cuz it's not high enough?

  8. I love high waisted because it elongates my body - being a lean mean 5 foot 4 and all! I've not tried it as a long a-line, I do love Vogue 1247 skirt which is a mini a-line. I've got Ginger and want to make it but like someone said above the high waisted combined with a-line does concern me - but hey! You never know til you try I say.
    Love those stripes. Cool skirt!

  9. Looks great! I do like a high waisted skirt and I love your Ginger - I really need to make one with cool chevrons like yours.

  10. I actually think this looks great on you Meg, I was just thinking how flattering it was and how well the chevrons turned out! Gorgeous! I'm on the fence about high-waisted skirts personally though, purely because I'm short-waisted with a big bust...so they tend to make me look squat. On the flip side, due to my muffin tops, I can't actually wear skirts lower down...so it's high-waisted or nothing for me. Hence, I don't wear skirts a lot! LOL!

  11. I too think you look great in this, I'm now seriously considering revisiting my own ginger. I love the summer city look too! PS Thank for such kind comments on my blog the other day, really cheered me up. x xx

  12. Looks great in you but I hear you about the comfort level with high waisted skirts. I never wear my Ginger because I find the waistband uncomfortably high. I think it's time for a refashion!

  13. What a cute chevron skirt! Great stripe matching!
    I love high-waisted skirts - on other people! They sure look dumpy on my non-existent (as in two sizes bigger than my bust and hips) waist. Ah well. I go with A-line and half-circle skirts sitting on my high hip, and lift the waistband of dresses to empire height, and that works out just as well. :D

  14. I loves it lots and lots!! I'm itching to get my chevron on, but I don't have any usable striped fabric right now. And I think, GASP, my fabric shopping is broken! I keep filling up the cart and leaving the site before clicking buy!

    About HWS, I love them. But on tummy conscious days they are a no-no.

  15. Super cute skirt, love everything chevron really! Just found your blog via Oona and what a surprise to click over and find you posing in my neighborhood in these photos. Perhaps we're neighbors? Anyway, glad to find a new great blog to read!