Monday, July 23, 2012

Mr. Bigglesworth Has Arrived With Loads of Goodies

Friends, this past Thursday, I took the Megabus to my parents' house.  I took a few days off work to help move my grandmother's things out of her two bedroom apartment and into my parent's basement.  Grandma is moving into a nursing home, and Mom and Dad were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of Grandma's things in the house.  

When I left on Sunday, the house was considerably cleaner and there was a huge stack of polyester pants that were destined for Goodwill.  SO MANY SHADES OF TEAL, Y'ALL. I didn't take any for jackets, but I did take plenty of other items instead...

because Grandma is a crafter.  

So there is fabric, both patterned and plain...

big pieces and small,

cotton and knits...

floral and polka dotted...

stripes and paisley...

and some AMAZING sets of vintage sheets!  I will definitely be following Cindy's tips for working with vintage sheets before I attach these to any projects.

Some large real fur collars were mixed into all the piles.  For my thoughts on fur, I think this sums it up well.

There were also some detachable pieces from coats in the 1960s. I would love to add these to a vintage coat pattern, or even a 50's pearl button cardigan.

What would stash busting be without a box full of bias trim?

There were some especially lovely pieces.  The blue and silver was on an outfit worn by Mama Grand when she was little, so I'll definitely be making something for her with it.

This silver piece is shaped like an anchor, and I thought it was a belt buckle at first, but now I am not so sure...

BIAS TAPE MAKERS!  I am PSYCHED to finally have one in my possession!

There is also a sewing machine foot that makes bias tape ... but I don't have a machine to match it.  Yet.

Crochet hooks and knitting needles!  It's about to get all crazy up in here, as the Robert has bought me knitting classes for my birthday.  Whoopee!

A Braid It Yourself Kit.  I have never seen one of these and am very rug-making in my future?

Epic. Pearl. Snaps.

A little bird in a little basket.  I want to put it on a hat.  Dibs has convinced me that making hats and fascinators is 100% necessary and awesome.

A Perfect Waist Maker aka pre-cut waistband interfacing.

Sewing tape to assist with sewing straight lines and some awesome "suede look" fabric patches.

SCISSORS.  Lots of Ginghers.  Heaven, people, I'm in heaven.

The prettiest of the bunch.

Of all the items, these scissors are most dear to me. They are not sewing scissors, but rather, the clippers my grandfather used in his barber shop.  He passed away in 1973, so I've never met him, but this is like holding a piece of my history.  I plan on hanging these up over my machine.

Hooks, seam rippers, x-acto knives and a magnifying stick.

And finally, Mr. Bigglesworth.

ISN'T HE PRETTY?!?!?!  Now I just have to learn how to use him.  Soon, my precious, very soon.

I haven't listed everything that was in the car this trip.  I've left out a nearly completed quilt and quilting supplies, 50 spools of thread, several yards of elastic, and hand sewing and machine needles.  Believe it or not, this wasn't everything.

Still to be brought back to Chicago?  A Husqvarna Viking machine (for which I am paying Grandma) and an embroidery sewing machine.

The word EPIC really doesn't begin to cover all of the sewing materials that will be coming into my possession.  Many thanks to my Grandma for all of the free goods and machines she has given me, and also for the epic discount on the Husqvarna - it will be well loved.

Friends, be on the lookout for giveaways!  There is no way that I can make storage for all of these goodies, so I think you may need some where you are :)  

Friends, have you ever inherited sewing goods from a relative?  Let me know in the comments!

PS: THANK YOU for all of the lovely birthday wishes!!  It was a most fabulous day, filled with delicious cake and wine and company :) I appreciated your kind thoughts so very much!


  1. WHAT. THE. WHAT. That's gotta be a record for longest blog post to ever document free magical goodies related to one hobby. When we cleaned out grandma's basement all I got was a sock darning egg. Jeeeeaaaaalous

  2. Wowzers! Talk about a haul of loot! I'm sure your Grandma Grand is very happy its going to another enthusiastic crafter. And I've found the best way to get great tools is to inherit them.

  3. Wow, how special is all of these especially since it has a connection from your Grandmother. And I love that you plan a special space for your Grandfather's barber scissors, very cool.

  4. Grandma. Is. Awesome! Whoa, baby! What a fantastic bunch of goodies. And Mr. Bigglesworth is pretty darn handsome, too.

  5. I can't wait to come over to see everything you got! It's all amazing! All I've gotten is a bunch of scraps when I was little that I sewed with when I was in elementary school!

  6. WOW!! I occasionally get to raid my mom's stash since she doesn't sew much anymore, but this is something else! I hope you get to tell us more about Mr. B'worth!!

  7. Wowww that's like a treasure hunt....So fun l I have inherited my great grandmother tracing whell. It's very special.

  8. Holy cow! Your grandma must be happy that you sew too and you appreciate all her cool stuff :) My aunt was a Home-Ec teacher (retired now) but unfortunately I live too far away to benefit from her experience :(

  9. I'm so glad your grandma's things have found a good home! It's so special that you've got a connection to so many of these items! I look forward to seeing your adventures with Mr. Bigglesworth and to see how you use the blue and silver trim!

  10. Wow - epic loot indeed, and even better that it all came from your grandma. Also, it is great that you are picking up knitting but beware: it's highly addictive! As for me, I'm the only crafter in my family so I've never been the recipient of anything remotely this great but maybe a future family crafter will ooh and ah about my stash in twenty years time.

  11. Wow, impressive haul! My grandmother passed away last year and she didn't do much sewing in my lifetime, but I inherited a tiny basket of sewing goodies and a pair of scissors. I looked at them last year when I was visiting my family in the area and my dad recently brought them when he came to stay with us. I haven't looked inside the basket again (was just of just spending a little time enjoying it as is, if that makes any sense), so you're now inspiring me to do so and find out what's inside. :)

  12. Oh amazing, Meg! This is such a wonderful collection, and I know you will give these fabrics, notions and machines the love they deserve! My maternal grandmother taught me to sew, and she gave me her Kenmore serger and a lot of fabrics and notions when she got too sick to sit at the machine (and switched to knitting). And when she died, she left me money with explicit instructions to buy myself a sewing machine and cabinet, the Husqvarna Viking I use to this day. Every time I sew I think of her and wish I could show her what I've made!

  13. WOW! That is an incredible haul! It's always amazing to acquire goodies, but I bet these are extra special to you. I bet you'll think of your gran when you use them. I hope you enjoy your knitting classes at Sister Arts Studio! It's an adorable shop!

  14. That is just amazing. My grandfather has been slowly giving me my grandma's old sewing stuff, so I'm accumulating a haul that's acutally fairly similar (minus the fabric), but it's more over the space of years than all at once. I love the way using her old things makes me feel connected to her. It's so awesome that she's still around to see what you do with all her things!

  15. I have a big box of inherited trims and rick rack from my grandma and great-grandma and lots of crochet hooks and knitting needles. I use the hooks and trims whenever I can to feel connected to my ancestry - I'm from a long line of makers-of-things. Now, my grandkids will be getting a big ol' treasure trove!

  16. We my grandmother moved, I was given all things quilting, which in turn my Aunt decided to clean out her quilting stash as well... I had probably 7 HUGE totes! I definitely gave away a good deal to other friends and family.

    Let me know if you plan to finish the quilt and need assistance! I'd be happy to do/help with whatever. Backed up on projects right now though :)

  17. Wow, a truly epic amount of sewing goodies, and so much more special since they come from your grandma! :D
    I inherited my great-grandma's Privileg sewing machine and notions box, and both are very special to me. I'm a bit sad that my great-grannie didn't see me take up sewing, I'm sure she would have been proud, but I love using the items that she worked with.

  18. That is just...wait for it...GRAND. Sorry, couldn't resist. But oh, what a fantastic haul! And how special that it all came from your lovely grandma! See, this is like justification for having a stash -- because one day I want to make my granddaughter just as happy to inherit all my fabric and patterns and notions! Yes, I'll just keep telling myself that.

  19. I also have a number of my grandmother's old things. It makes it more special when I show her what I've made. also, holy treasure trove batman! that is an amazing set of ...well..everything. I drool just thinking of it.

  20. Oh my gooooooood I'm so jealous!!! lol! This is amazing, you'll have a lot of hours of fun with these!

  21. OOOOOHHH so much love here!! You are a lucky duck, Meg. One of my Most Precious Things was a crafty bit that I inherited from my great-grandma Peg: an interchangeable circular knitting needle set. I use it allll the time and it is wonderful and I love it! I only wish that I could have met the woman who loved it before me.

  22. WOW!!!! i'm soooo jealous!! what a terrific haul and damn, Grandma is awesome!!

  23. Oh wow what an amazing collection of new bits and pieces! As exciting as that alone is, it's even nicer that it has a family connection.

  24. Those are some great finds! I'm a little bit jealous, okay I'm A LOT jealous =)

  25. You are a very lucky girl and I am incredibly jealous! My Gran-in-law gave me her knitting needles in a lovely leather case and I absolutely treasure them and the gesture. Hope you're enjoying your new goodies.