Thursday, August 2, 2012

30:60 Project 10: Perfect Princess Dress

Friends, when we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico during our lovely adventure on the high seas, I had one thing in mind: fabric.  Oh yes, I bought fabric in Jamaica and now I was on the hunt for some textile goodies in Mexico.  Mexico was going to be a bit more of a challenge, though: my handsome counterpart, though fluent in Spanish, did not know the word for fabric!  Eventually we found someone that understood our mimicking of a sewing machine.  And then that gentleman pointed us to heaven.  Well, my kind of heaven, anyway.

Now, I should probably note here that Rob's family did not really understand the thrill in my heart that comes with finding amazing pieces of fabric.  They do think that I probably have a bit more fabric than I can handle, which is true, but I am still reluctant to throw any away.

OK, back to Mexico ... We enter into this fabric shop with Rob's mom and sister, and they immediately spy Disney princess fabric.  They ask if I will please make something for Jojo with it, and buy it right then.  I had to laugh that they were adding to my stash :)  Now, they understand that little thrill and potential of a great piece of fabric!

I wanted a sweet little dress for Jojo, so after I found the blouse pattern for the gingham fabric, I also found the Summer Days Tiered Dress.  Adorable and perfect for showcasing lots of printed princesses:

I will say that this is a very strange material.  The blend feels like cotton at first, but has a slight sheen and repels moisture like a polyester.  So, I have no idea.  All I know is that it frays like nobody's business.  Seriously epic fraying.  I haven't set up Mr. Bigglesworth in his proper home yet, so I just zigzagged over all the seams; even then, it's only a matter of time before this dress goes the way of a scrap pile.

Speaking of scrap pile... there was some scrap busting involved with this magical project!

Check out those lovely gingham straps and bodice lining - so. much. pink.

And my next project?  It is pink as well.  It's like a bottle of Pepto has exploded in my sewing area ... but in a good way.  

I hope Jojo loves it, as she is currently obsessed with princesses, and I have enough left over if she decides she wants another dress (or even pajamas) down the line!

Yay for being 1/3 of the way through this challenge!  I'm trying not to repeat projects, but I did get requests for several more bow clutches from friends, so those may be making a second appearance on this list.  The scrap pile has definitely gotten a bit smaller, though not by as much as I like.  I think I need to reassess at the end of the 30 projects, instead of expecting the pile to disappear in the first 10.

Friends, do you have a go-to gift/scrap busting project?  I think bow clutches are quickly becoming mine!

Have a great evening, all!



  1. how nice of you to make this for Jojo! She's going to look amazing!

  2. Cute! That fabric is utterly adorable. (Did you buy some for yourself as well? You should have! ;-)

    I know what you mean about scrap piles not vanishing as fast as you expect. Mine seems to have grown this week, despite my 'lets use up scraps!' plan. Ugh.

    As for gift/scrap busting projects - fabric tote bags are pretty good. Quick and easy to make, and the sort of thing that's useful for everyone, especially if you make them with ties so they roll up small and can fit in a handbag. Plus, you can use them as wrapping for something else - both gift and wrapping in one, yay!

  3. Cute!! You're such a good little auntie! :)

  4. Very cute. And, seriously? I would love to see you make an assortment of bow clutches, and then offer them for sale (eg, via etsy). They would be darling gifts for some of my girlfriends, and I would love to support you! It's stash busting with a bit of profit :-).