Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30:60 Project 13: The Deliciously Pink Renfrew

Friends, I think I might be going a little overboard on the pink. Currently on the sewing table is a very pink Cinnamon camisole, and I will be very glad to finish it once I find the remaining scraps to make the straps.  *Sigh*  Whenever I think I am organized, I lose pattern instructions for one project and scraps for another... and an entire t-shirt for yet another. My sewing plans for this week have gone out the window completely.

I decided to take a break from searching endlessly for hidden objects and take pictures of this long finished Renfrew.  

The fabric was leftover scraps from this dress, and originally I had planned to use some of this extra turquoise fabric for the neck and armhole bindings.  I'm glad I used the leftover pieces of the main fabric - I think it's less garish this way and I am much more likely to wear it now.

 Could this pattern be more perfect?  I think not. I never need to make any adjustments to the fit and that makes me so incredibly happy. There will definitely be more long sleeved versions appearing as summer winds down and Autumn moves in.


This fabric feels like silk jersey and is complete heaven to wear.  I like it paired best with jeans, but it would be great if I could create an ensemble around it for work. I like being comfortable in my corporate environment - it feels like cheating the system somehow.

Have a great night all, and I hope you are having more luck keeping your projects together than I am!



  1. This is delicious!

  2. Shake that rump! :) What a great Renfrew. I'm dying to start making some. Fits you perfectly. Good luck getting your other projects sorted out!

  3. What a lovely top. The fabric pushes it over the edge and with a pencil skirt it could easily go corporate. I'm hoping to pick up the pattern this weekend. g

  4. YAY! I love to see that fabric finding a happy life! I seriously sat on that fabric for YEARS before I gave it to you... So happy you made two amazing pieces out of it!

  5. Love the pattern on that fabric! And that is exactly why it's a bad idea for me to have more than one project going at a time -- I always lose pattern or fabric pieces!

  6. there is no such thing as too much pink! embrace the pink!

  7. Love it! Your knits are always ON POINT.