Friday, August 10, 2012

30:60 Project 14: The Bridesmaid's Dress

Friends, I love a good sewing adventure, so when my bestie, Stephy, came to me last week and said she needed help making a bridesmaid's dress, I told her that I would love to help!  It's not every day that I get to use my crafty powers for good.

Stephy chose a McCalls dress pattern from my stash for the dress (no idea what number it was now, but my first attempt to use it was very horrific). We got together most nights this week for muslin alterations and final fabric fittings and I'm excited to say that it is now done!

It was a bit windy out while we were taking pictures, but Stephy was a total trooper.  Isn't she adorbs?

 The dress was easy enough to put together, but we made some alterations to put the dress straps directly over her bra straps.  We took an inch out of the bodice front and midriff front and added two inches to side seam.  While she'll still need to pin her bra straps to the dress, it is looking much better than when the dress straps were falling directly under the armpit. We also lengthened the front and back bodice pieces by 1 1/2 inches to adjust for a full bust.

This is my first experience making a form fitting dress for someone other than myself and I was crazy nervous. I knew I would need to get over my fear eventually and this seemed to be a good opportunity to conquer it.  Even though I was seriously stressed at points because I wanted everything to be PERFECT (I totally threw my chair when the zipper went in wrong - I'm definitely an emotional sewist), it turned out well. Stephy is happy and that's all that matters!

Stephy gets to wear one of her necklace creations for the wedding :)  I think the colors work perfectly, don't you?

I adore this color on her, and I'm glad that there were no crazy horrible incidents other than the zipper going in so wonky that the entire back needed to be torn out. UGH. I don't need to be perfect for myself, but if I am making it for someone else and being paid in delicious cookies, then it needs to be damn near perfect.

You're probably wondering how on Earth this is stash busting, but check out that fabulous lining fabric that I had on hand!

It was the absolute last remnants of the silk that I used here and here. Hooray for scrapbusting!

And hooray also for besties and blue dresses!

XOXO, have a great Friday, all!


  1. It looks beautiful - great collaboration! It is so much more stressful sewing for others, esp. form-fitting designs!

  2. another beautiful dress. the colour is amazing

  3. Well done, Meg! It's so pretty and I love the Tardis necklace :) It is terrifying sewing for others (eep!) and you've done a sensational job!

  4. The dress looks lovely, well done!! I too like the blue :)

  5. Let's be honest, I called you in a panic! I love your face and will be forever grateful for that beautiful dress you made me!

  6. Oh, this looks lovely! Your friend is lucky to have you! :) I love sewing for other people, but it's totally nerve-wracking! I'm a fit-thrower, too, when I have issues sewing. :)

  7. Gorgeous! Very well done. :-) And I totally love that it's being worn with a Tardis necklace - it just seems a perfect combination, somehow....