Sunday, August 12, 2012

30:60 Project 15: The Ruby Slippers

Friends, it has suddenly become Autumn in Chicago.  I honestly don't know how I feel about this.  I'm not a fan of the extreme heat we've been having, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm ready to pull out my jackets and start dressing layers again.  Because I can see that this weather is an inevitable part of living in Chi-town, I've begun prepping my Fall sewing projects ... and I've just finished my first pair of slippers!

This was a GREAT way to use up scraps and the pattern was a complete breeze to use.  I bought the Olivia shoe pattern on Etsy and whipped these up in no time!  The pattern recommended using a heavier material for the shell, but I really wanted a pair of "ruby slippers."  I grabbed some scrap red satin for the shell and some pieces of red and white striped cotton from the stash for the lining.  Mama Grand had given me some strange vinyl (from another couch covering!) and I used this to make some non-slick bottoms for the slippers.

I cut out a size 11 in the pattern (I wear 10 - 10 1/2 normally) and they fit slightly tight on my extra large left foot, so I would lengthen the pattern the next time I make these up. 

Apparently satin doesn't like to photograph very well! 

Or that could be because my shadow kept getting in the way. Here I am trying to get out of the way.  Sometimes, I like to pretend I am an acrobat in my house.

But wait! Is that a new Renfrew????

 Why, yes!  It's a Renfrew Refashion!

Mama Grand passed one of my grandmother's tops onto me, and using the Renfew pattern as a base, I cut out a new shirt from the old one.  I stitched it back together, using the leftover scraps to make a new neckline.  I did not remove the sleeve and waistband cuffs, but rather left them on and treated them as part of the main sleeve/bodice pieces.


 With the weather suddenly changing here, it was nice to have a t-shirt in a sweater material to wear around the house.  It was definitely perfect for making tea before watching Pop Up Video on VH1.  (OMG I love Pop Up Video!!!)

Rob bought me five pounds of honey from the farmer's market.  I will bet you this doesn't last through January.

I have four more Renfrews on the table right now, and two are heavier materials - perfect for warding off the chill.

I think it's safe to admit at this point that I am completely Renfrew obsessed and I'm not ashamed at all :)

Hope you're having good weather for your weekends, friends!


  1. Ack! I had no idea that VH1 still had PopUp Video! (Or still had VH1 for that matter). I love PopUp Video!! ohmergerd!

    seriously. ohmergerd.

    yes. that's all I took away from this post about adorable slippers and cute sweater t's.

    I'm like that.

  2. Ruby slippers!! How perfect for you! I love your Renfrew fever-- if/when it cools off here, I'll be right there with you!

  3. Gah - I love your slippers! I wear slippers all the time and can only be parted with them when it's really, really hot. :)

  4. Those are so cute! You must click your heels together! I too am plagued with this larger left foot problem. Every pair of shoes I buy ends up either too big on the right to fit the left, or too tight on the left to fit the right. I say we start a shoe store where you can buy a pair of shoes in two different sizes! :]

  5. Pop Up Video still exists?

    Love the top and the slippers!

    And I love the view of Chicago from your window. Lucky you.

  6. Your slippers are lovely! I have had a shoe pattern that I bought from Etsy as a give myself something at christmas BUT still haven't made them!

  7. How awesome that you can actually adjust for your larger left foot when you make your own slippers! They look really cute, as does your warmer Renfrew!

  8. Oh so adorable! I totally want to make some!

  9. What great slippers - and a bonus Renfrew too, brilliant x