Monday, August 13, 2012

30:60 Project 16: The Project That Wasn't Meant to Be

So...I'm home sick today with a migraine that turned into flu-like feelings.  I'm 99% sure it's from the weather suddenly changing into cooler temps - I'm more sensitive to that than I would like to admit.  I finally crawled out of bed at 1:00pm and I thought maybe I needed to make myself something quick for a little TLC.  I pulled out my old sewing calender box and flipped through for something that involved awesome smelling lavender and something I could put on my achy body. 

I settled on an aromatherapy eye pillow.  The original design is via Lauren Brandy at Goody Goody.

I wasn't feeling very motivated, but I was excited that it seemed so easy.  I got my fabrics together and stitched it all up.  The problem came when I went to get the rice that I was going to put in with the lavender.

Me: "Honey?"

Rob: "Yeah?"

Me: "There are bugs in the rice..."

Rob: "Oh no..."

Me: "I think we have weevils again."

And sure enough, we have weevils again.  We had to throw out an entire cabinet full of bread, cereal, rice, and chips. None of it could be considered edible since the bugs are so small and we didn't want to risk finding any surprises when we were eating things out of open bags.  

We're tabling this project for now until we can go to the grocery again ... and until we are sure that all of those crazy weevils have been eliminated.

Friends - do you know of any good ways to keep weevils out of your grains and cabinets?  If so, we would love to hear them!  We haven't had this problem since the remodel, and we would rather it did not become a regular occurrence.

I hope you are all doing well where you are!



  1. Argh, weevils! Those little b@stards! Keep everything in Tupperware or glass jars with lids that close tightly. The weevils can't smell the food and can't get into plastic or glass containers. Hah!

  2. We have a problem here with food moths. The cereal and grain stuff can be already contaminated when you buy it. I wonder if it's the same thing with weevils? But if you put everything in jars, then at least the problem won't spread; it'll just be limited to that one product. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Here's a link to a way to get rid of them:

    I know that freezing your flour and things for at least 12 hours or so before you use it will kill any weevils that come in the food when you buy it.

  4. Hi Meg, try putting a whole bay leaf in each package of flour, rice, pasta etc. and supplement that with sachets with bay leaves/bay leaf oil. Hope it helps!

  5. ahh, what a bummer! :(
    We've had some ants pop up in our pantry over the last week, and oddly enough, they seemed to be circling my dog's food! We splurged on solid containers with tight lids for both the dog and cat food, and swept out the bottom of the pantry. It's all clean and tidy now... but I've still seen a few ants... Just a few random ones. You know they've found the sugar when there is a solid line of ants coming and going. I'd say we don't have a full on infestation, but they haven't entirely left either.
    I don't know anything about weevils, sorry. good luck.

  6. oh no! I found tiny bugs inside of jiffy cornbread mix (they don't seal the paper bags inside their boxes of mix, they just fold them shut) but i do love jiffy cornbread, maybe i should've just cooked it and called it "extra fiber." ha ha. eww, yeah i couldn't really do that. i also could not go on "fear factor." I haven't seen any bugs in our rice, but my husband bought a special plastic container made for storing rice and we go through it fairly quickly. I put bags of flour and sugar in large ziplock bags. Feel better!

  7. Ug. Weevils are not my biggest problem. Its roaches and spiders. Big ass wolf spiders that jump and then the kind of outdoor roaches that fly. FLY!!! #@$(U)*#$$#@)*)*#$@# This is the down side of living in a semi-tropical wooded area. So yeah, bay leaf in your grain stuffs and airtight containers. And for all the other beasties mix two parts borax, one part flour and 1-2 tablespoons of coco powder. Then take a little squeezy bottle with a fine nozzle (like you use on your hair for hair dye) and put it in every nook and cranny you can find. They eat it and it mucks up their exoskeleton and they start dying in droves. Works on roaches, ants, silverfish, weevils, but not spiders. Those I recommend large shoes.

  8. Just be thankful it was not a Torchwood weevil.
    I hope you have seen Torchwood it is a Doctor Who spin off. As I know you are also a Doctor Who fan. If you have not seen it then my joke fell really flat. Sorry.