Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventures on Interstate 55...

Friends, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I've been doing some sewing in the downtime between family visits, but most importantly, I've been practicing my knitting...

Knitting and purling like a rock star in my parents' house, and I found out that I can easily knit in the car without getting sick!  This is quite a feat for someone who gets carsick at the drop of a hat.

Heading to visit Rob's parents this past weekend gave me lots of time to knit, until my phone exploded with an alarm while we were on the highway:

...and my first thought was: "The knitting needles to go into the back seat so one doesn't end up in my ribcage if a tornado hits the car."

It was raining so hard that we couldn't see the car in front of us, much less a tornado coming at us. Thankfully, we were able to get off at the next exit and took shelter at a Comfort Suites (I tweeted them a thank you).  Of course, I'm shaking like a damn leaf and trying not to panic, but in my moments of fear, I dropped a ton of stitches in the hotel lobby and ended up frogging the whole thing.  After waiting two hours, we got back on the road and began making our way to Missouri once again.

The storm left behind some beautiful weather, perfect for a county fair and pork butt on a stick.

Food on a stick aside (but seriously, deep fried Snickers are AMAZING), there was much crafting happening while we were there.  I finished two blouses for Rob's niece, Jojo.  Both were made with McCall's 7676, but I eliminated the facings and used bias tape instead.

A blue version made with some larger scraps, complete with criss-crossed straps in the back.

I also refashioned this shirt of my great aunt's...

into this smaller version of adorableness, complete with appliqued embroidered bits from the blouse.  I made a pocket out of the old pocket, and just recut the pieces on the front so I didn't have to recreate buttons or buttonholes.  Easiest refashion ever?  Quite possibly.

I really love the rainbow colors - and the seersucker fabric, too!

Hello applique/plaid matching!

I managed to pick up some goodies for myself while I was at it... I think the antique stores nearby are the best in the whole world.  I found two dress patterns in my size (HOORAY!), and a men's tie pattern that will definitely be made for Papa Grand for Christmas.  It also has a bow tie pattern included, but someone who I co-habitate with does not like wearing bow ties.  

On the way back home, we stopped at an antique mall so I could browse for a half hour, and of course I found a pattern in my size and a 2 yards of fabric.  Total price: $3.00

I usually never browse jewelry, but as I walked past a rack of brooches, I found this delightful bow one and snatched it up for $4.50.

All of the needlework books were in a plastic bag marked $1.  SOLD.

Once I get my skills up to par, I want to make this shell with crocheted trim...

this pleated dress...

and this delicious little cape. 

Friends, what is the best thing you ever ate on a stick??  let me know in the comments - I'll have to hunt things down before all the street festivals end here!


PS.  Thank you for all your kind comments regarding my last post about my brother.  I feel very strongly that suicide needs to be talked about, and people need to know they aren't alone.  I'm sending hugs to all of you that have been touched by such tragic events or those of us who have ever felt depressed or alone; I'm thinking of all of you today.


  1. Wow, how on earth are you being so productive whilst on the road and visiting people! Incredible stuff and it looks like you're having an awesome time!!! Hmmm, best thing on a stick...probably some Thai prawns...YUM! I'd love to taste that pork though and I would give my left arm for a deep fried snickers!!! ;o)

  2. Love how much you accomplished while away. Also, thanks for the comments about knitting and carsickness. I have been jealously watching everyone's great knit projects thinking I should try to learn. This just encourages it--since we take lots of car trips and I, like you get sick at the drop of a hat in the car. Thanks.

  3. I enjoy knitting in the car as well. I just need to choose a project that doesn't require me to look down too much. (so something with out too many decreases etc.)

    What great finds you got! I really like the Simplicity pattern of the 60s styled dress. Very Nice!

  4. EEeeeekkkkkkk! Tornando?!?! So scary! Glad that you were able to find a safe place to shelter. Look at you go, Knitting Queen! I'm like you with the whole carsick thing and can knit in the car, too - bliss! Great finds from the flea and love the bow brooch :)

  5. My inability to knit in the car directly correlates to my general crapness at knitting! However I can crochet up a storm (sorry, entirely inexcusable pun!). I made a baby blanket on the journey to and from taking my boy to Uni, result. I love the patterns you picked up, what a find and the fabric is beautiful, looking forward to seeing what you make with it :)

  6. I am so jealous. I want to learn how to knit! You found some great vintage patterns. I love that little cape in the very last picture. And, yay for co-habitating! :]

  7. You are an amazing lady! I wouldn't say I've consumed many items on a stick, but a corn dog from the county fair is one of my favorite stick items :)

  8. Oh wow! So much gorgeousness! :) I love love love that seersucker, wish I could get my hands on some of that!

    Really glad to hear you were ok in the tornado weather.

  9. I wish I was in Chicago knitting with you :) Love the outfits :) I do love a corn dog on a stick!

  10. Oooh, that cape! Divine!! :-)

    While it's not something I've eaten myself, I took great pleasure in watching my partner's reaction when he tried eating a snake on a stick in Beijing last year. Very amusing facial expressions before he gave it up as tasting just too disgusting, haha.