Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Meet-Up Extravaganza!!

Friends, I had the most glorious Saturday.  I got to hang out with some very lovely ladies: Liz of Zilredloh, Tasha of By Gum, By Golly!, Nancy of Buddha Bear Studio, and finally, the lovely Lladybird herself, Lauren. Lauren was visiting Chicago, so we all gathered together to explore the best that Chicago can offer in textiles with her.  Liz was so lovely to coordinate, and we kicked the day off with a glorious swap at Bite Cafe.  The French Toast was amazing, in case you are ever in the neighborhood.

Speaking of amazing, I was totally in love with Tasha's gorgeous sunny blouse...

... and Lauren's luscious leopard dress.  

Nancy wasn't able to join us for the fabric shopping, but we kicked things off at Fishman's Fabrics!  

 We definitely spent a good 45 minutes in Fishman's, most of it by the sale wall, but even then, the prices were a bit out of my range.

Liz's skirt is DIVINE, y'all.  She's perusing the cotton prints, where I saw the most delightful print with neon green telephones all over it.  I didn't buy it ($10 a yard for a thin cotton wasn't really in the budget for the day), but I definitely admired it's quirkiness.

 After debating over some fabrics, we decided to try our hands at Vogue and see what they had in stock.

Vogue Fabrics has a remnant room that is my version of heaven.  We spent the most time there, sorting through the masses of affordable, glorious fabrics... I have no idea how I've never been there before!

 After buying enormous amounts of fabric and notions, we journeyed back to the car where Liz had a little surprise for us...

 Perfection.  The most delicate, delightful treats that my mouth has ever known.  The gingerbread with vanilla buttercream and the hazelnut with nutella filling were everything that a girl could ever dream.  Many thanks to Liz for exposing me to macarons, and for giving me some to take home!

(They are hidden in the fridge.  Rob, sit back down.)

 Celebrating the delicious morsels that words could not describe...

After savoring our macarons, we headed over to Loopy Yarns, where, as a beginning knitter, I was completely overwhelmed and took no pictures.  After enjoying some final drinks and some hummus nearby, we parted ways.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to spend the day talking about sewing, life adventures, and tasty treats with these amazing ladies.  It was definitely a day to remember!

Thank you ladies for a marvelous day, and to Liz especially for coordinating!!  I'm so glad to know all of you :)



  1. Oh, this looks like such fun and what a great bunch of ladies you got to meet!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I always love sewing meetups.

  3. Yay, what a great group! It's hard to imagine a more fun meetup!

  4. All I can think of when I see the pictures you took is: I'm so short! heh

    Had a blast too! Fabric shopping is much more fun as a pack than going solo. :)

  5. ack, i agree with the guest of honor, Y'ALL ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!

    (and what in blue blazes is polynosic.)

  6. You lucky girls!!!

  7. It was soooo awesome!!!

    (And you do know I did NOT sew that blouse, right?)

  8. Sewing meetups are the best. Looks like so much fun.

  9. This looks like such fun, one day I'll have to do a sewing meetup! Or maybe next time I'm in Chicago . . . :)

  10. So cool! I would have gone crazy in Vogue Fabrics. And I love how everyone is taking pictures of the macaroons. Yum!