Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Malory Archer!

Friends,I am a regular watcher of the cartoon, Archer.  To give you an idea of my Halloween costume, here is a screen shot:

Photo found here

Oh yes, Malory Archer was my target for Halloween.  My friends and I dressed up as the cast for a party on Saturday.

From left to right: Woodhouse, Krieger, Lana, Sterling Archer, Moi as Malory Archer, and Cyril

 I personally think that Zoey made the best Malory:


I'm not really crazy about all the pieces of my costume together.  I used Simplicity 6197 and made up the jacket, blouse, and skirt.  Everything came together rather easily, but I was feeling definitely overwhelmed with sewing all the grey.  WHERE IS THE COLOR??
 I used an exceptionally drapey polyester that I bought from Hancock at the last minute.  It worked really well for the skirt, okay for the blouse, and a near disaster for the jacket. 

 I didn't have time to line the jacket because it took all week for me to get enough motivation to even sew this outfit together.  I might finish lining it because I imagine it would be cute with a Sencha blouse and some jeans.  The shirt might get worn again with a cardigan and pencil skirt, and the skirt has already been paired with a sweater for an easy peasy work outfit.  All of the pieces on their own could work in my wardrobe.

While I was not a fan of this mess of an outfit, it served its purpose ... as did the crazy wig that was allllll over the place.  I got to run around saying "This is how we get ants, people" and drink a ton of Autumn sangria.  By the end of the night, I was speaking in accents and eating delicious apple cider cake

 Ugh.  The top is way too loose in the front, but that is part of the design and the way the darts lay. The darts come from side seam at an angle lower than I've ever seen, so it doesn't make for the most flattering front.  

I hope you'll forgive me for the craptacular pictures, but I'm not really feeling like putting on this entire grey outfit again.

The only thing I like is that it wasn't a "slutty" Halloween costume. Yay for not being slutty!

Friends, what was your favorite Halloween costume ever??  I don't think I have one, so I'm definitely going to need to remedy that next year!


PS.  Many hugs to all of you on the East Coast - I hope you are all safe and well from the madness of Sandy


  1. I think you pulled her off well.

    I think my favorite costume was either the dinosaur or the steampunk adventurer outfit. Both were a blast to make and got good reactions - which is half the fun :)

  2. Ya'll look like a fun bunch! I think you did Malory Archer a favor. You look better than she ever did. :)

    My favorite costume was when friends and I dressed as Monty Python's The Knights Who Say Ni. We looked great and the reactions were priceless! The only drawback was watching out for ceiling fans... deadly with those huge, stick ridden headdresses.

    Happy Halloween, Meg!

  3. Dude, anyone awesome enough to get a group of people to do Archer is awesome enough to follow.

    My kids and I all did Star Wars this year. I was Han Solo and the little people were Yoda, Luke, and Leia. It's my favorite so far and the first time I think that's we've coordinated.

  4. Thats fabulous! The husband and I can barely agree on a couple costume- let alone find 4 other willing victims!!

  5. It's a lot of grey, but I think you pulled it off wonderfully! I love Archer - all of those costumes are great!

  6. I loved your costume! Also I agree with you about having to put on the costume again. I only got a few group photos so I don't have any of just my costume!

  7. I love that last picture so much!! YOU ADORABLE LADY YOU.

    I think my favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed up like a juggalo(juggalette?). That same costume was hands-down the costume that got the most guys hitting on me... even more than when I was Peg Bundy, wtf!

  8. You better call Kenny Loggins. Cause you're in the danger zone! You guys look amazing!

  9. "MOTHER!!" Omgeezy, that's my favorite show and you guys look GREAT! Love love love love love!!!!!!!!

  10. It looks like a great party!! I've never dressed up for halloween, but a few years ago I needed to dress up for fastelavn (Mardi Gras) which is when we (or maybe just the kids) usually dress up (you are supposed to be disguised so that people don't recognize you) and beat a barrel to pieces...(Hmm that sounds really weird:- It was a last minute thing (like I knew 2 hours before) and instead of sewing a costume or buying one, I took a sheet of paper, wrote "disguised as a grown-up" on it with a big fat marker and pinned it to my regular clothing. Was a big hit and I won a price...

  11. Definitely not a slutty Halloween costume. That's for damn sure! But the idea is great and fabulous and I still think you looked amazing.

    My favorite Halloween costume is the one I made this year - Tippi Hedren from "The Birds"

  12. You always look like you are having so much fun! :)

  13. What great costumes!! I love the grey wig and matching grey nail polish, too. I was a kitty this year and my little girl knocked it out of the park as Hermoine Granger!!

  14. You guys look awesome!

    We don't have Halloween in Germany, only Karneval. I went as a flapper girl at my first Halloween four years ago. Now that I sew I might make a costume myself next year.

  15. Awesome group costume idea! I love Archer.