Monday, February 3, 2014

A Most Belated Christmas Gift Post

Friends, the holidays were madness this year.  I wanted to make the majority of the gifts (and I was successful), but unfortunately, most of these were delivered to the correct recipients after the holidays had ended.  Oops!
I really wanted to challenge myself this year in creating more complex gifts, which definitely added to the time needed for each gift, but I'm very pleased with how all of these turned out!
My nieces, A & S, both got Bespeckled Hats.  A got hers in shades of pink, S had hers made in red and white for her favorite sports team.

These ended up being quite large with the various wool/acrylic blends I used, but still cozy and comfortable.  (I tried one on and decided I need one for myself at some point.  I will need an extra large pom pom on mine as well)

Of course, what kind of aunt would I be if I didn't include something sweet to go with these??

Dad got one of the most complex gifts: a Negroni custom made for him. Considering that I was going off of a button down shirt I had stolen from his closet, I was SUPER EXCITED when this fit him!

The sleeves ended up much longer than I would have liked, but as he has a habit of tearing sleeves and wearing out shoulders, Dad asked me to leave the extra length in.

I really liked the fabric I chose - black and white plaid with red lines - and I added red buttons for some flair.  Yes, Papa Grand needs flair.  

Being the fashionista he is, Papa Grand added a red undershirt to the ensemble. I was glad to finally add something wearable to his closet!

I finished my sister's boyfriend's gift before everyone else's - probably because this is my 4th or 5th time rocking the Regular Guy Beanie pattern.  I made it in the colors of his favorite Australian football team, which paired with his t-shirt perfectly.  We totally planned that.

Kitty Grand got a market bag!  This pattern was crazy easy, and will be perfect for stash busting some random yarns I'm trying to eliminate from my yarn dresser.  

Best Friend Stephy got these awesome Fightin' Words mitts.  I thought these were crazy approproate since she loves comic books so much.  I was suprised by how quickly they went together, considering the amount of colorwork, and I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking to make a geeky gift.

Stephy's husband, J, also got a very geeky gift: a Cthulu hat.  

I noticed several months ago that he didn't have any proper head gear for the Chicago winters, so I decided to fix that in the geekiest way possible.  I think he likes it very much now :)

Friends, I definitely got my share of colorwork practice in this Christmas season!  I practiecd reading charts, stranding, and working with non-worsted weight yarns (I tend to fall back on worsted a lot).  Next year, I'll definitely give myself more time to complete projects, but I'm interested to see how I can challenge myself further :)


  1. You may think the sleeves are a bit long on your dads new shirt but I'm thinking he thinks it's perfect... I'm pretty sure it will always be his favorite :-).
    Oh.... how I wish I could knit - I love all your knitted projects too.

  2. Wow- am I dreaming or did you only take up knitting pretty recently? I'm gobsmacked at the colourwork going on! Especially love the fightin words mitts. Gorgeous:), Chris

  3. Holy cow! You're a knitting machine! These are wonderful gifts!

  4. you are a knitting machine! (and I see someone has just said that... well... I second it.)

  5. You were very productive! I love the "BAM", "POW" mitts. They are awesome!! Was that a wine glass on your washing machine? I do that too! :)

  6. Love all the color work! Bravo!

  7. You are a very generous knitter, my dear! You're friends and family should be over the moon!

  8. I wish I wasn't so selfish and made gifts for others. I have an excuse though, I'm a perfectionist and a part of me fears that the gifts won't turn out right and/or the recipients will hate them!

  9. I'm impressed - you were so productive! I esp. love all the colorwork :)

  10. I love the colors on the first hat and I so need to make the fighting words gloves! You are a knitting machine!!! I always start all my gifts in July ("Christmas in July"!) and I'm usually still working at the last minute.

  11. I am in awe of your colorwork, Meg! I want Stephy's mitts. :) Since I can barely knit a scarf, I will use your mad skills to push me along. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  12. You've really leaped into knitting! Amazing given how recently you took it up. I love everything you've made but the comic mitts and Cthulhu hat are totally the bomb.