Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30:60 Project 6: It's Raining Jasmines

Friends, this is my third Colette Jasmine this year, and I think I am more in love with this pattern than ever.  Since I'm on a quest to bring more solid color separates into my wardrobe, as well as fulfill my dream of a closet full of bow blouses, I decided to pair this pattern with some unloved light blue satin in my stash.

Why unloved, you ask?  Well... there's the issue of the mysterious red markings (which I managed to hide under the arm so they aren't as noticeable)...

...and also the goo from the price sticker that the Hancock Fabrics employee stuck right in the middle of the piece she had just cut for me.  (THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS, HANCOCK)

I managed to hide the sticky part on the back of a sleeve, so again, not as noticeable, meaning that this unloved piece of satin can be worn without trying to awkwardly block imperfections in the fabric.

I love this pattern, I love pairing this blouse with high waist skirts or trousers, and I finally love this fabric.  

Friends, how do you deal with fabric imperfections? I'm working on Project 9 right now, and the fabric is a complete snagfest. I have a yard left over, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be tossed in the garbage rather than go back in my stash. I cut my pieces out of the non-snagged areas, and was that ever a pain! Hopefully the end result is worth it.  Fingers crossed!



  1. It is that exact shade of Cinderella blue! Very pretty. I think the solution here is to get the same fabric from Mood, only get it in real silk, yum.

  2. I'm with Lisette! I loveeee that color and that pattern but having to hide the flaws would drive me mad! I admire your perseverance. I also like how you continue to return to TNT patterns...that's EXACTLY what I want my wardrobe to be, a ton of garments made from a couple patterns that I know love and that I know fit me.

  3. You are adorable in your bow blouse! I commend your efforts in making this fabric usable! I wouldn't have been as resourceful or innovative. You're a very clever girl, you are!

  4. PRETTIES!! Jasmine, along with Simplicity 4179, are my two most favourite blouse patterns. Love this one. You rock the satin blouses, Megtastic!

  5. that blouse looks fantastic! you did a great job blocking around the imperfections. looks wonderful with that skirt. it DOES look like the perfect shade of Cinderella...great color for you.

    -dani e