Sunday, April 6, 2014

30:60 Project 12: A Perfectly Purple Hollyburn

Friends, it appears I am still enraptured by the color purple.  I had a remnant of purple poly crepe in my stash for several months, and after some convincing by the lovely Liz, decided it needed to be a Hollyburn.  I love that this pattern is simple and flattering, so I was able to whip this up in time for our Chicagoland meetup today!

Forgive me - I did not get any pictures of all the lovelies that were there, but fun times were had by all, and we totally rocked the Textile Discount Outlet (and then Vogue afterwards for some of us...)

The skirt held up well to hopping over pipes and lifting bolts of fabric above my head.  Also, dust brushes off of it beautifully (very important for when fabric shopping at 2121 21st St).

I adore this pattern, and I already have two more on the cutting table! I picture this being my go to pattern for the summer, and possibly making it up in some of my new fabrics below...

Friends, I hope you had a marvelous Sunday! 



  1. Citrus squeeze Hollyburn. PLLEEEEZE. Oh, and black cheetah! RAWR! I can attest, this skirt looked amazing on you, my lovely. We should add this to our list of sewing projects, since you already have more cut, and I have a few dancing in my head.