Thursday, April 10, 2014

30:60: Project 14: A Failure

 Friends, sometimes it can be difficult sewing new patterns for other people.  For instance, Kitty Grand did me a big favor and bought me some much needed items at Costco and then shipped them to me.  In return, I offered to make her a tunic to wear with tights for her visit to her boyfriend's parents.  

We decided that a bright red poly would be fabulous to pair with Butterick 5815, which I had recently purchased for my stash because I fell in love with the sleeves.  

While sewing it up (and there are only four pieces, so it didn't take long), I noticed that it was turning out more sack-like that I had anticipated.  In order to give minimal shaping to the tunic, I took out four inches total, two inches from each side.

I was still worried about the fit when I sent it to my sister across the country, but I was afraid to take out any more and have her not be able to more her arms or even get into it.  Sadly, I was right to be worried.  It ended up too baggy on top, so she'll be safety pinning the excess and mailing it back to me for fixing.

After sewing this up once, I don't think I'll be making this full pattern again.  While I do love how the sleeves are put together, I think I would rather incorporate these onto a dress pattern that I am already comfortable making and wearing.

While I get over this disappointment, here are some pictures of Kitty Grand modeling her corduroy skirt (from New Look 6190 given to me by the lovely Lisette) for her birthday in December.

She's so sassy.  Now I know where I get it from ;)



  1. OMG Meg your sister is identical to you only with short hair! I love that you not only put your winnings, but your failures too... Keep it up! Also I am glad you are posting regularly! Sunny hugs from FL

  2. Miss Kitty is just as sassy and fun as her sister!

  3. Sorry it didn't work out, but nice to know I'm not the only one who has problems sometimes. And that corduroy skirt is gorgeous.

  4. Win some, lose some ~ that's what sewing is all about ... but in saying that, you definitely nailed the skirt ... J

  5. seriously tho you're twins right? does traffic stop when the two of you are together?

  6. Your family is ridiculously good-looking!

  7. It wasn't a failure! It was a great project that I am so very grateful you completed for me! I only wish that I had more on top to fill it out. LOL Thank you 100x for being a great sister and working on this for me. Love you bunches! XoXo

  8. well, I hate that for you! I did shape mine in a good bit at the waist.....