Friday, April 11, 2014

MM2014: All of March and Some of April - eek!

Friends, it's been quite a while since I've updated my MM2014 progress!  Whoops!  I have been keeping up with my picture taking, so that's something, right?  This is gonna be picture heavy, folks - sorry about that.

Monday, March 3
New Look 6808 paired with my Simplicity Amazing Fit pencil skirt from the original 30:60 Challenge. I love orange. There could be more orange in this picture, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 4
The 40s and 40s Dress. So comfortable, and I paired it with some navy tights and burgundy shoes. Definitely one of my favorite ensembles so far this year.

Also, the lovely Lisette sent me fabric and a fantastic note :)  One of the pieces of fabric was a black and white striped tube.  I'll let you imagine what it looked like to set the timer and then waddle quickly into place.

Wednesday, March 5
My McCall's 5226 blouse paired with my black and white houndstooth skirt. I need to find more skirts to pair with this top STAT.

 Thursday, March 6
I paired my color blocked Pendrell blouse with my McCall's pencil skirt. I like that the princess seams on the Pendrell match up with the seams on the skirt. We're going to pretend that I planned it that way.

Friday, March 7
Jeans Day in the office!  I paired my trusty Old Navy jeans with my McCall's 5929 ruffle blouse and my refashioned cardigan.  Warm and fashionable.

Saturday, March 8
90s Night at the Holiday Club! Wore my bubblegum pink Renfrew, my very own New Look 6190 skirt (pattern from the lovely Lisette and in blue, while Kitty Grand wore the green version), and MY TIKI TIGHTS. These tights are amazing. An upcoming post will display the four sets I've made.  I adore this pattern - it saved my legs this winter.

 Sunday, March 9
Brunch for my Lizzie's birthday.  I wore my Simplicity 1879 Lisette pink top and jeans. 

Monday, March 10
My Love Story Dress. Definitely a favorite.

Tuesday, March 11
New Look 6808 and my circle skirt.  And tights, of course. Because summer will never come.  (look at those shiny, shiny legs)

Wednesday, March 12
The Couch of the Irish dress was out of commission due to a loose hem, but once that was fixed, I wore it the next day.

Thursday, March 13
Wearing my light blue Jasmine and my high waist gray skirt. The blouse slips around a bit, so I need to be conscious of how its situated at the office.

Friday, March 14
Jeans and my sweater Renfrew.  This Renfrew has seen quite a bit of action this year because it is so warm!

Saturday, March 15

Still waking up. Yes, I drink juice out of stemless wine glasses while sitting on my counter. It makes me feel fancy.  I'm wearing my Coca Cola sweatshirt and mini bloomers for maximum comfort.

I made myself presentable to go outside.  I'm wearing the often neglected cowboy blouse and my Land Girl overalls.

Sunday, March 16
My Ingenue is perfect for every day wear, especially when it is forty degrees out and the radiators don't turn on as much as I would like.

Underneath the Ingenue is my long sleeved Renfrew and the ability to cook.

I stuffed some peppers and they were edible.  I was delighted.

Monday, March 17


Tuesday, March 18
Working on my black and white Cambie while wearing my Simplicity 2659 blouse and my Catholic school skirt.

Wednesday, March 19

My uber colorful Jasmine pairs really well with my Roman Holiday skirt.  This is an ensemble that will be repeated often through all seasons.

Thursday, March 20
Tights, Annie Savoy skirt, and sparkly snowflake Renfrew.  Thursdays never looked so warm.
(Also, all of the stuff in front of the mirror is for the clothes swap hosted on 3/23.  Cleaning house, y'all!)

Friday, March 21
My red McCall's 5929 blouse made an appearance at karaoke.  In this photo, I am singing "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross because I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Saturday, March 22
Black and White Cambie FTW.  I love seeing this completed dress in my closet.

Sunday, March 23
Puffy paint is going to be making lots of blog appearances this year. 

Monday, March 24
I am going to need more flannel blouses for Fall/Winter 2014. I wear this flannel McCall's 5929 all the time, but it works well with Simplicity 3688.

Tuesday, March 25

New Look 6808 + Black Simplicity 3688 Trousers + lasagna roll ups = a very good day.


Wednesday, March 26
My altered black V-neck sweater and houndstooth skirt weren't very colorful, but I was warm.  I feel like all of March was about staying warm.

Thursday, March 27
A new Renfrew paired with my jeans.  This is what I look like after working from home all day.

Friday, March 28

My boyfriend likes to sass me right before taking photos in order to get an authentic expression...

Saturday. March 29

...but he's so pretty, I don't mind too much.  (I'm wearing my green Cambie, he's wearing his new gray shirt)

Sunday, March 30
Recovering from dancing with boyfriend's Aunt Judy. That woman can bust a move!

 Monday, March 31
My knit bow blouse and my high waisted gray skirt.

Tuesday, April 1
I started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  These are my workout clothes, which were included in my list of 5 RTW items for this year.

Best. Workout Shirt. Ever.

After my shower, I threw on my green Hollyburn, my white lace refashioned tee, and my altered black V-neck sweater.  Also, slippers for wandering the apartment before I leave for the day.

Wednesday, April 2
I am dooooooooone with being cooooooooold.

Thursday, April 3
I need more trousers and some sunshine asap.

Friday, April 4
Wearing jeans, Mama Grand's altered sweater, and my sheer Simplicity blouse.

Making faces at my boyfriend while we Facetime and I sew.

Saturday, April 5
Apparently I really like this ensemble... (see March 7)

Sunday, April 6
I was tuckered out after the Chicagoland meetup, but I loved pairing this McCalls 5929 with my new purple Hollyburn.

Monday, April 7
Rocking the New Look 6808 with my refashioned cardigan and gray Simplicity 3688 trousers. (Also, I just looked up how to spell "gray." It's "gray" in the US, and "grey" in English. Why do we always make things so complicated?!)

Tuesday, April 8

This is what happens when I sleep for three hours and do 30 Day Shred in the morning and then work a full day. 

Wednesday, April 9
My Ingenue sweater and my black Simplicty 3688 Trousers. Spring weather is so so close.  I'm ready to put these pants away for the summer.

Thursday, April 10
My blouse and skirt made from the same set of bed sheets was the perfect outfit for the day. I was comfortable everywhere but my face, where the dentist had done a filling in my molar and my face was throbbing. This picture was immediately followed by an ibuprofen filled nap, after which I was able to smile and didn't feel like such a curmudgeon.
Note to self: Never do another month in one post again.  Two weeks tops!
Friends, enjoy your weekends!


  1. Out of all that, I got:

    Spring will never come -- as a fellow Midwesterner (Minnesota); I concur.

    30 Day Shred -- I started April 1 too! I did it successfully last summer. I am WIPED by the evening!!! Level 2!!!! :)

    Great "me made" post! I gotta make those 40s retro simplicity pants!

  2. OMG shut up!!!! I live less than a block from the Holiday Club! Next time you're at 90's Night tell Bartender Greg that Elle sent you :)

  3. Haha! These are so great. And I knew there was a reason I was practicing karaoke songs yesterday! I'm kind of depressed about all the wintery clothing I'm seeing, though. It was 70 here today and I don't want to go back to cold weather when I visit :(


  5. my fav post.. great catching up on some old and new makes darling

  6. That tube picture made me snort. And I'd wear that TARDIS shirt, even though I'm not at all supposed to run!

  7. LOL. You crack me up. I hope spring arrives soon!

  8. AMAZING!!! What a collection, and to photograph every day - daaaaaang. Also that Tardis shirt... where do you live again? So I may steal it from you. ;)

  9. You look fab as per usual throughout but Monday 24th's outfit has to be my fave. And those TIKI TIGHTS! Highly intrigued and awaiting more information in the future :)

  10. I always purposely spell it grey anyway. I like the way it looks better. I have a lot of British/U.K. on my mom's side, so I'm justified, right?

    That is a great workout shirt! I've also seen one for "Adipose Gym", which I would love to get sometime.

  11. meg. i drank from your coffee cup today. i miss you like WHOAH. but this month-ish long stroll made it better.