Friday, December 23, 2016

Crafting for Good: Holidaze Party (Act III)

Friends, my favorite time of year is the holidays, when I host my now annual Holidaze party. It gives me such tremendous joy to have people I love dearly filling my home with laughter. I get so excited about this party that I usually send out the invites for this December event in July/August. This year, in the invite, I asked friends to answer a poll about what size shoe they typically wear. For this party, I like to have a handmade gift to give each person when they arrive, and this year, I wanted it to be slippers. My original intention was to knit all the pairs of slippers, one for each person who answered the poll and RSVP'd, but I ended up being sick for about a month, so the plan changed. I ended up having a mixture of sewn and knit slippers, one for each person, 51 in total.

The plan also changed a bit after the 2016 election. In the past two years, I've given away the Holidaze gifts to partygoers without asking for anything in return (except hugs. I love hugs). This year, I asked my fabulous friends to please donate to a local LGBTQ center in the city and show me proof of their donation in order to receive a pair of slippers. They did not let me down: we ended up raising $565 for the center!


Slippers in action!

One of the most exciting things about the party (besides raising lots of money for a great cause and knowing my friends would have warm feet this winter) was seeing the fabulous Vicki again! Here she is in all her chicken dress glory, with Liz, Michelle, and I. Sewing people are some of the best people I know :) 

I didn't get many photos at the party (because hostessing), but I wanted to share some photos of this amazing vintage dress I've had in my possession for years and finally decided to wear. It spins beautifully.

I love all the colorful stripes!

 Once the party had ended and all the guests had gone home, I was left with quite a few pairs of slippers. Not everyone came, and I had overmade in case some slippers fit better than others or more people showed up than I planned, so I managed to fill an entire bag with the leftovers.

I took the leftovers to a local community charity, which delivers food, clothing, and counseling services to my local area. These slippers will be part of their free clothing closet. I'm so excited to think of a child wearing these Feet Eater slippers :) 

Friends, have you ever raised money for charities with things you've made? Let me know in the comments - I would love to hear what you did!




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