Thursday, January 5, 2017

Crafting for Good: The Pussyhat Project

Friends, by now you may have heard of the Pussyhat Project

As soon as I heard about this fantastic idea, I was hooked. A way to bring my knitting and activism together? This project was made for me! 

Thankfully, I'm not the only one who feels that way. Wednesday night, I was lucky to be able to join a group of fabulous knitters and crocheters at Women and Children First, my absolute favorite bookstore on the planet. 

I had already completed one hat prior to meeting up at the bookstore, but it gave me the opportunity to cast on another.

I am making these up in Alpaca with a Twist, so they are so soft and snuggly - perfect for a day of marching in the cold! 

Surrounded by other knitters. The varieties of pink were amazing!

I also go to catch up with my friend, Grace, whose hands move so quickly that I could not capture them properly. (She's knit ten hats already. She is my shero.)

It was a wonderful evening of being surrounded by knitters and making something for a common purpose. Most of these hats will be sent to D.C. through local yarn shops and local marchers who will be there, and I'll be taking my extras to hand out in person in D.C. while I'm there as well. I cannot tell you how much I am hoping to see a horizon filled with pink cat ears - it would certainly be a sight to see.

Friends, are you knitting for the pussyhat project? Are you going to the march in D.C.? If so, I hope to see you in all your pink hat glory there! 



  1. I'm working on getting my fiber group involved in this, and we'll be mailing the hats to the address given on their webpage.
    (subversive action: buying the yarn at Hobby Lobby, and telling them why I bought it, and adding that to the info with the hat. yes, I know that means I'm buying from them, but also, their stock is being used in a protest movement.)

  2. I don't knit or crochet, but I've been watching a friend on Facebook crank these out. Will be sewing myself one out of pink sweatshirt fleece for the march in Spokane, WA.

    1. That sounds so snuggly! Perfect for the march!