Thursday, March 2, 2017

Daily Action: Find Out Where Your Reps Stand on Jeff Sessions

Friends, every day we find out more and more about the current administration's ties with Russia. Yesterday, we found out that Jeff Sessions had contact with the Russian ambassador prior to the election, something he denied during his confirmation hearings for the position of attorney general. Today, I'm asking you to call your reps and find out where they stand on an independent investigation of this administration's ties with Russia, or more specifically, what actions will they propose to take regarding Jeff Sessions involvement with the Russian government.

If your rep has come out publicly with a statement on the situation, please remember to thank them! If they haven't, please ask their staff when they plan on making a public statement about the issue. It's important to have their opinion on record for all of their constituents to see.

(I love my Congresswoman. I usually find out about breaking news from her Facebook feed before most other sources. I consider myself very lucky to have her representing my area in Congress.)

Keep safe, keep sane, and thank you for reading,


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